Leasing A Copier

Leasing A Copier Can Improve Your Cash Flow

Sometimes it makes sense to buy a copier, but sometimes it makes more sense to lease a copier.  Courtney Carlson from IOT breaks down the basics on when it makes financial sense to consider leasing a copier versus buying a copier outright.

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  • If your copier costs less than $2,500 then you should consider purchasing it

  • If you are looking at a copier that is more than $2,500 you should consider a copier lease

  • Leasing a copier can improve the cash flow for your business

  • A typical copier lease will cost around $100-$150 per month, depending on the copier you need

Jesse: Everyone, Jesse Dolan here with Courtney Carlson.

Courtney: Good morning.

Jesse: Doing a little IOT tech talk and today we’re gonna be talking about when you should or shouldn’t buy or lease a copier. If a business is kind of at a point where they need to get a copier in there, those are the two options you have basically is to buy one or lease one. Got Court in here as our resident copier expert and just gonna talk about the topic. First where do you lean on buy and leasing and then why?

Courtney: For purchasing or buying a copier, making an outright purchase, I usually recommend to our customers any purchase that’s say sub $2500.00, it makes the most sense just to do an outright purchase.

Jesse: Okay.

Courtney: You get into some of the larger machines that are $3500.00, north of that range. Some of the larger color copiers we see are $3500.00 to $6000.00 price range. That’s where I’d consider looking at finance options and it just helps the business with cash flow and doing some sort of financing for a purchase that’s that large.

Jesse: When you’re talking at that point what, hundred, maybe more, but somewhere around a hundred bucks a month at that point for a three year lease, let’s say, right?

Courtney: Yeah. You’ll be right in the hundred to hundred fifty dollar per month range.

Jesse: So instead of coming up with 3500 bucks to make that investment, a hundred bucks a month over the next three years, that really can stretch it out.

Courtney: Exactly. And it varies business to business. I’ve worked with customers in the past that they buy everything outright, and they have the cash to do that which is great if you can. If you don’t and you do need to take advantage of financing it’s not a bad deal especially if you’re gonna do a dollar buy out lease. You own that copier at the end of the lease terms so take advantage of the financing if you need it if it’s a larger purchase. If you don’t, buy it outright. Either way we’ll work with you and recommend the right direction to go. We can do service agreements on both these options so it doesn’t matter to us. We just want to make sure we’re working with you and educating you in making the right decision that makes the most sense for your business and your situation.

Jesse: Now you’ve mentioned in previous episodes as well of free delivery and installation with a copier lease. Is that something, like I said, if you’re gonna buy one for 2500 bucks. First of all, we’re probably talking about a used copier I would imagine at that price point, is that right?

Courtney: Most of the equipment in that price range is used equipment. It’s off-lease equipment that’s generally in like new excellent condition.

Jesse: Now if you’re gonna buy this off-lease copier for 2500 bucks, can you expect free delivery and installation at that price point would you say, or is that gonna be extra usually? What’s typical?

Courtney: It’s gonna be extra. We’ll work with you depending on the situation as to what you need and if it’s networks print, networks scan, we’ll determine what needs to be done and give you an estimate before everything is finalized.

Jesse: Now on the flip side, if you are gonna lease it, oftentimes that can be rolled right into the price though, right?

Courtney: Typically, yes. Yup. That would be an add-on that’s part of the purchase price that’s then leased.

Jesse: It’s part of the monthly payment then at that point.

Courtney: Correct.

Jesse: Okay. So it’s really all about the cash flow of the business and the price of the copier that they’re looking at.

Courtney: Exactly. Yup.

Jesse: Okay. All right, Court. Thanks for sharing that and if people want to get more information, how would they get ahold of you?

Courtney: You can reach me at 651-452-5630 or courtneycarlson@iotsolutions.com.

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