IOT Solutions Delivers for Free

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Great Offers from IOT Solutions IOT Solutions has a lot of great promotions to offer. One of the best offers is buying two toner cartridges and getting a printer for free. You can avail of this offer just by calling 651-605-2500 or by visiting Click The Play Button To Listen To The Audio Version Of This Page  YOU'LL LEARN Great promotional offers from IOT Solutions. HP CM4540 color laser printer is availability at IOT. Contact info

Comparable Features of Canon ImageRunner Advance 4245 and HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555 MFP

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Know the Difference to Get the Best Copier for Your Office IOT Solutions shares their expertise in comparing Canon ImageRunner Advance 4245 series and HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555 MFP. With this video, you will identify the difference with Canon ImageRunner Advance 4245, the 4545i, and the 4545i II as it also compares with HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555 MFP. All copier machines can be leased from IOT Solutions and also available under their service program. Click The Play Button

Canon imageRunner 4225 and HP LaserJet M4555 MFP Comparison

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Save Thousands Of Dollars By Choosing A Used HP M4555 MFP For Your Office If your office is looking to move into a new copier, consider getting a used Canon copier or a used HP LaserJet MFP to save some money.  The Canon copiers are great if you need 11x17 inch printing and copying.  If you do not need the larger paper size capability, you can get a really good deal on an HP unit for your office.

Comparison Review on Canon imageRunner Advance 4235, HP LaserJet M4555, and HP LaserJet M525 MFP

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Save Money If You Choose HP LaserJet Copiers from IOT We review copiers that can be beneficial for offices needing documents with three-hole punching or into booklet making. HP LaserJet M4555 and HP LaserJet M525 MFP can save you money. Performance wise, it is much faster thus it can produce more in a small amount of time. You can avail of the machine for free if you buy cartridges from IOT. Click The Play Button To Listen To

Replace Your Machines with HP LaserJet Enterprise M506 or P301

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Get the HP LaserJet P3015 Free When You Buy PeakToner The HP LaserJet M506 is a great printer, and replaces the HP LaserJet P3015.  If you do not need the higher end features of the newer HP M506 then you can save some money by getting the P3015 instead.  Plus, when you buy PeakToner from IOT you can get the P3015 for free - as well as free service and repair too, when you use PeakToner. Click The

Canon imageRunner 4251 and HP LaserJet M4555 MFP Comparison

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Save Money When You Choose An HP M4555 MFP From IOT We review the Canon imageRunner 4251 copier against the HP LaserJet M4555 MFP to see which is better for a typical office.  In the end, it depends on how high end your needs are.  If you do not need some top line features, and if you do not use 11x17 inch sized paper, then you can save a lot of cash by going with the HP M4555

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M681 and CM4540 MFP Comparison

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Opt For A Used HP CM4540 To Save About $2,000 If your office is considering a new color copier, color printer, or color MFP, then you should consider the HP Color LaserJet CM4540.  The newer Color LaserJet M681 is a great device, with enhanced security, speed, and functions.  However, if your office does not need these high end features, you can literally save thousands of dollars by opting for the previous generation HP LaserJet CM4540 instead. Click The

HP LaserJet M527 M525 and M521 MFP Comparison

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Great Small Office and Workgropup MFPs HP has some great MFP devices for small office or workgroups of 2-5 users.  With fast print speeds, plus copying, and built in scan-to-file ability, these units pack a good value into a space saving option for your office.  You can save some money buying the previous generation, if you don't need the latest features.  Get free repairs when you buy PeakToner, and even get an MFP for free when you buy

Canon imageRunner Advance 4525i vs HP LaserJet M527 MFP Comparison

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The HP LaserJet MFP Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars Bob reviews the Canon ImageRunner Advance 4525i series against the HP LaserJet M57 MFP. If you need to print or copy 11 x 17 inch sized paper (A3 size) then the Canon copier may be the choice for you.  However, if you typically only use the more standard letter or legal sized paper (A4 size), then you can save thousands of dollars with the HP LaserJet MFPs. Click

When You Should You Lease A Copier Versus Buying A Copier

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Leasing A Copier Can Improve Your Cash Flow Sometimes it makes sense to buy a copier, but sometimes it makes more sense to lease a copier.  Courtney Carlson from IOT breaks down the basics on when it makes financial sense to consider leasing a copier versus buying a copier outright. Click The Play Button To Listen To The Audio Version Of This Page  YOU'LL LEARN If your copier costs less than $2,500 then you should consider purchasing