HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M680

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M680 from IOT. Buy this HP copier / MFP outright, lease it on a monthly payment,
or go with our managed services and pay on a per-page basis.
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Jesse: Everyone. Jesse with IOT here, we’re going to be talking today about the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M680. It’s a multifunction printer/copier; really an interchangeable term. The MFP is kind of built more on a printer engine, but for all intents and purposes, it’s a great copier for your office.
I’m going to be going through some of those features here. The most noticeable feature which everybody likes is this touchscreen right here; full-color touch screen. You can see here at tilts, different angles, very high clarity. All the functions can be accessed right here on the MFP through the touchscreen and it’s pretty good. It does print, copy, scan, and fax for your office. The print speed is 45 pages per minute. The first page out is 10 seconds, so it’s… You send a job to it, it’s going to print it out pretty darn quick.

Same with copies. You walk up to it, put your document on the glass and you’re going to your first page out in 10 seconds. The scan speed is 60 pages per minute, which is awesome if you’re doing document scanning. Whether you done scan to file, scan to PDF or digitally send a document. It’s got the auto document feeder here, right on the top. It’s pretty high capacity. I believe it takes a hundred sheets up in here and it automatically feeds them through so you can just set them in there and hit the button. It’ll scan them all. You can do a scan to USB, a scan to email or scan and network can set the folder.

Single-pass or duplex scanner, so you can scan both sides of the document if you need to. It also has blank page suppression, which means if you have, your first 30 pages have actual information, then the 31st page in the file is blank, it’ll skip that. So you’re not going to have a PDF or an email with blank pages in it. So it’s a pretty handy feature.

It’s A full-color MFP printer. So if you want to print in just black and white to be more economical, you can manage that through the print driver and the network settings. Otherwise, it’s a great full-color printer. Very high quality. It’s got four paper trays here. The first three are normal. The bottom one is high capacity. You can put different types of media in each of these drawers; legal and letter size. Also has a manual input tray over here, if you want to do envelopes, custom size, custom weights.

The device is pretty easy to access if you have any paper jams or anything else you ever need to clear out on here. It’s got a finisher around the side. You can put staples in there.

This copier is available for purchase. You can do a cost per page, you can do a monthly lease or we also have a program on all of our devices where you can buy a number of toner cartridges and get the device completely free.

If you have any interest in this MFP copier or any other devices that you might be looking for, you can contact us. (651) 605-2500 or go to IOTsolutions.com.

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