Document Scanning: Hire a Company or Do It In-House?

Businesses have been scanning and archiving their documents digitally for years now. It’s a quick, easy, and efficient way to keep track of your records. But what if you need to scan a large number of documents? Can you do it in-house, or do you need to hire a document-scanning company? In this blog post, we’ll provide an in-depth guide on the pros and cons of digital archiving and bulk scanning, the costs associated with both methods, and the best strategies for achieving maximum efficiency.


What is document scanning and why would you want to do it?

Document scanning is the process of converting paper documents into digital format. It’s an efficient way to store important records, access them quickly and easily, and save money in the long run. Plus, digital documents take up much less space than paper documents, freeing up valuable office space for other uses. Individuals and business owners can benefit from digital archiving for a variety of applications, including document filing and retrieval, digital backups, and more.

Common documents you would want to scan include:

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Medical Records
  • Tax Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Pictures/Photo Albums
  • Books and Magazines
  • Blueprints
  • Manuals

With a good quality scanner and computer, digital archiving is easy and affordable. But, when it comes to bulk scanning large numbers of documents, the process can be tedious and time-consuming and you may want to consider hiring a digital document scanning company.


The Benefits of In-House Document Scanning

The primary benefit of digital archiving and bulk scanning in-house is cost savings. You don’t need to pay for a professional document-scanning service, saving you money upfront. When you do digital archiving in-house, you have full control over the quality and speed of the job. However, there are some disadvantages to digital archiving and bulk scanning in-house. The process can be very time intensive and requires time and effort that could be used elsewhere. Plus, you’ll need to invest in scanning equipment and digital archiving software.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Document Scanning

If you decide to hire a digital document scanning company, you’ll benefit from the expertise and experience of the staff on hand. They will have access to high-quality scanners and digital archiving software that can help them get the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, with outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about storing digital documents securely as most digital document scanning companies are equipped with digital storage solutions. Additionally, the cost of digital archiving and bulk scanning is typically lower than doing it in-house due to economies of scale. Disadvantages include the cost of hiring a digital document scanning service, as well as the potential lack of control.


Costs Involved in Document Scanning

The cost of digital archiving and bulk scanning can vary widely depending on the size of the job. If you’re considering doing a large document-scanning job in-house, you’ll need to factor in the cost of hardware (i.e., scanners). You’ll also want to consider the cost of digital archiving software and the number of hours you or your staff will need to devote to the project. Additionally, you may want to budget for digital storage solutions for your digital documents. If you decide to go with a digital document scanning company, you’ll need to factor in costs such as the hourly rate for each employee working on the job and any additional services they may offer (e.g., digital archiving software, digital storage solutions).


Strategies for Maximum Efficiency

No matter which digital archiving or bulk scanning option you choose, there are a few strategies for making the process as efficient as possible. First, make sure that your digital archiving software is up to date-and compatible with any digital document scanning equipment you purchase or rent. Secondly, consider digital storage solutions such as cloud-based digital storage or hard drive backups to ensure that all digital documents are securely stored. Finally, if you decide to outsource digital document scanning, make sure to research digital document scanning companies for the best price and most reliable service.



Digital archiving is a great way to turn physical documents into digital formats for long-term storage and retrieval. Digital archiving is an important process for businesses, as it allows them to store documents more efficiently and access them quickly when needed. While digital archiving companies offer a professional service, digital archiving in-house can be a cost-effective option for businesses that have the resources to do it. Following best practices and investing in quality technology will help ensure digital archiving is done correctly.