November 18, 2019

HP LaserJet M527 MFP / Copier For Sale.
Learn the basics and how this superb printer works.

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  • You Will Know How This Printer Works.
  • Learn How To Navigate and Operate This Printer.
  • How To Diagnose If The Printer Is Not Printing And Scanning.

Speaker 1: Hey, everyone, Jesse with IOT here, located in Eagan, Minnesota, providing the Twin Cities with copiers, laser printers, and MFPs since 1995. We do copier sales, copier leasing repair, printer leasing repair, toner cartridges, pretty much everything related to office equipment.

Here today I’m going to focus on this HP MFP. It’s a LaserJet M 527 official name is the LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP 527. It’s got a lot of really cool features. One of the most noticeable and obvious is this great touchscreen color display, you can change it to whatever angle that you want there and also pull out the keyboard. It does scan to file, scan to email, those kinds of features. The pullout keyboard is really nice because you can make quick work of typing in a file address or an email address, things like that. It’s got a few paper trays here [inaudible 00:00:54] optional you can expand the paper trays. It’s got a cart that I can sit on and kind of bring it up to copier level if you will. These big paper trays.

Couple other cool features here, it’s got a built-in stapler, so after you print or copier job, you can just … like that right there. So you give yourself a good staple. It’s also got a really cool little feature here, this LED light. You can kind of see there a lot of the newer devices here, they’ve got a lot of inputs and outputs and so it’s a cool feature to let you know exactly where the document is when it comes out.

It’s got an ADF up on top for scan to file, fax, copy, whatever you need there. Print speed on this thing is 45 pages a minute. First page out is 5.9 seconds. It takes a toner cartridge, 18,000 page [inaudible 00:01:49] cartridge. Like I said, it’s got the pullout keyboard, full touchscreen. It’s got duplex scanner so you can put a document in and scan both sides. Scan to email, scan to folder, scan to USB, auto-detect the color or black and white for the scans, and also blank page suppression. So these are available on lease, cost per page, we also always have on all of our MFPs buy some toner cartridges and you can get the device for free. Really anything that’ll work for your budget in your office, we can help you out. So check it out. Let us know if we can help. (651) 605-2500 and online always at

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