HP Color LaserJet CM4540 MFP

Opt For A Used HP CM4540 To Save About $2,000

If your office is considering a new color copier, color printer, or color MFP, then you should consider the HP Color LaserJet CM4540.  The newer Color LaserJet M681 is a great device, with enhanced security, speed, and functions.  However, if your office does not need these high end features, you can literally save thousands of dollars by opting for the previous generation HP LaserJet CM4540 instead.

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  • Review the color M681 MFP against the CM4540

  • The M681 is best suited for groups of 10 or more

  • The M681 features a pull out keyboard, which really improves scan-to-file or scan-to-email functionality

  • These devices can handle large groups and high volumes

  • The CM4540 is an older version but provides a great value

  • If you buy two sets of toners for the CM4550 you can get the MFP for free

  • Using PeakToner cartridges gives you free service and repair on your HP MFP

Hi, Bob Brennan here again, with International Office Technologies. I’m here to talk about some of the latest larger enterprise color MFP’s that HP has out there and what the new ones are, and then what some used, or a used, alternative might be for these machines.

Today’s topic is the M681. It’s the color variant of their MFP. This is a pretty impressive machine. It does around 50 pages a minute, and I believe that’s both black and white and color and then it scans at a pretty high rate of 83 pages a minute. So it’s really designed for an enterprise or network environment where you have to have, I would say a minimum of 10 users to really justify the machine, and probably 10 to 20 users at that point.

Pretty impressive first page out. It’s 6.4 seconds and pretty impressive page yields out of the various toner cartridges, so 28,000 for black, 23,000 for the various colors. The duty cycle’s around 10,000 pages a month, on the high end. We’ve seen people use these machines a lot more aggressive than that. And then it has scan to email, scan to folder, scan or fax, scan to USB and also high security hard drive.

Great machine, it’s got this little nifty keyboard that comes out and that may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a pretty big deal, as it relates to … If your office is doing a lot of scanning to email, or requires typing in addresses versus, let’s say, trying to do it on a LED display. It can be done, but it’s a lot of finger tapping and whatnot, where this can go a lot quicker. Again, that’s only if you’re scanning a lot to folders and emails and requires that long address.

By the way, these cost around 4,400 and then you can go up from there depending on your features that you get. This has 2,100 page capacity, as well.

Our version, our used version of this came out in 2010, so it’s about eight years old. That being said, it’s been coming out since 2010, so there’s some that are, at the most eight years old, but obviously there’s some that are newer. So we try to get the machines that are pretty low page counts, and you’ll see why here in a second.
We have a option where if you buy two sets of these toner cartridges, you get the machine for free. Otherwise, if you don’t want to do that, you pay 2,400 for the machine. When you buy your toner from us, we warranty the machine as long as you’re using our toner. So that’s everything, paper jams, maintenance kits, any parts and components. We just don’t cover gross negligence or, throwing the thing out the window or pouring beer in there, what have you.

Let’s get to the specs. It’s 42 pages a minute, so it’s probably 10 to 15 percent slower. First page out is 11.5 seconds, which again, the other machine is around five, so it’s quite a bit slower. It may not be a big deal, it all depends on the dynamics in your office. If it’s high, intense situation, you live and die by your printer, you probably want to get a new one. If it’s a situation where you can wait a few extra seconds, this could be your machine, 1.4 cents for black and 8.3 cents for color, for this used machine. That is, as you can see, five, maybe five percent more for that machine. But you’re also saving almost $2,000 for the machine.

Again, our value in this situation is, we’re going to be taking care of the machine, ongoing, when you buy your supplies from us. This does a lot in terms of scan to email, scan to folder, it faxes, it prints, it scans to USB. It also offers mobile printing. A lot of the same things, it just doesn’t have that keyboard, again, which can be handy, but if you’re not doing that much scanning to those emails and having to type in those addresses, is not needed.

The other element of this machine is it, the new machine, it’s a lot more secure. If those are features that you need, you’re going to want to go with the new machine. But if you don’t need all these features, you can save around $2,000 and we’d be more than happy to get this out to you. We have about five to 10 of these in stock at any given time. Again, all you need to do is buy some toner and the machine is yours.

If you have any questions, you can call Sarah or Courtney at (651) 452-5630. Thanks.

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