Canon imageRunner 4251 and HP LaserJet M4555 MFP Comparison

Save Money When You Choose An HP M4555 MFP From IOT

We review the Canon imageRunner 4251 copier against the HP LaserJet M4555 MFP to see which is better for a typical office.  In the end, it depends on how high end your needs are.  If you do not need some top line features, and if you do not use 11×17 inch sized paper, then you can save a lot of cash by going with the HP M4555 MFP instead of the Canon copier.

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  • If your office does not use 11×17 inch sized paper often, you can get by with the HP MFP and save a lot of money

  • If you buy 6 PeakToner brand toner cartridges, IOT will give you an HP M4555 MFP for free

  • When you use PeakToner in your MFP, you get free service and repair

Hi, this is Bob and I’m with international office technologies. I’m here this morning to talk to you about some of the Canon line of copiers along with HP comparison, and today we’re talking about 4251, which came out in 2013, and then the 4551, which came out in 2017. It’s also got a variant that came out in 2018, which is the 4551 I2. Same machine, just tied in more with the proprietary Canon software.

So we’re going to talk about the mechanics, and functionality of the machine this morning real quick, and then we’ll compare it to the HP.

So, pretty straight forward, this machine came out in 2013, the 4251. 51 pages per minute print, scan, and copy. The 4551 came out in 2017, 51 pages per minute print, 80 pages per minute scan, and then copy speed is 51 pages per minute as well. Cost per page is the same, at a penny a page. It’s gan be little more toner usage out of the 200 cartridge for 4551, about 30% more toner usage. But again your cost per page is the same.

The screens, the interfaces on the two of these are different, in that the older one is a little bit smaller touch screen, little clunkier interface if you will. The 45/50 one has a 10 inch touch screen, little more current with it’s touchscreen technology, but they do the same functions in that they both scan to folder, scan to network, and then scan to the proprietary Canon scanning software, if you will.

New, these machines were pretty expensive, $12,500 and the 2017 was $15,000. You’re looking at a used market on these currently of, probably close to $3,500 for the 4250 one, and the 4550 one, if you can get it, is somewhere between six and seven thousand, currently. And these both do 11 by 17 scanning and output, which is important to understand. If your office uses 11 by 17 consistently, I would say go ahead and get these, if it doesn’t use it that frequently, and when it does, you can outsource it to Kinko’s or some other print source, here might be a good alternative.

The M4555, which is made by HP, it doesn’t have a lot of finishing options, it’s just got the simple stacker stapler here. Output, it does not do 11 by 17. Now, that could be a deal killer for you, or when you think about it, it could be a huge cost saving, and you’ll see why here in a second.

So, both those other machines did around 51 pages per minute output, and the 4555 actually goes a little bit faster, it’s 55 pages a minute. Now, it scans a little bit slower, at 57 pages a minute, black and white, and 42 pages per minute color. Again, it’s all the nature of your office and how you use it. First page out, is a little bit slower, it’s 8.5, where the Canon, first page out is right around four seconds, just under four seconds. So it’s quite a bit faster, but again, depends on the criticalness of your printing, and again, all those features of the Canon are going to cost nearly upwards to $3,500 to $7,500 on the used market.

This machine you can get from us two ways, you can buy it without our cartridge program for around $2,000 or, you can get it with our cartridge program you bus sic cartridges for just under $1,400 and that gets you complete service and maintenance, as long as you use those cartridges from us. Our basic program, is called the Peak Toner Program, and we do that throughout the whole seven county area here in the Twin Cities in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and we can get you one of these, we have these in stock quite often, and we can turn it around probably within 48 to 72 hours if you need it.

So if you have any questions, feel free to give a call to Sara or Courtney at area code (651) 452- 5630. Thanks.

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