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All-Inclusive Canon COpiers for Only $69/month!


From single user to large office groups, we’ve got great copiers starting at only $69 per month.

ALL INCLUSIVE pricing with toners, drums, maintenance, and all repairs!

Black & White Copiers

Large Office


  • Office / Workgroup
  • 2-10 Users
  • Small Footprint

Small Office


  • Desktop / Home Office
  • 1-2 Users
  • Fits On Desktop



  • For Large Groups
  • 10+ Users
  • Walk-UP Size

Color Copiers

Large Office Color

  • Office / Workgroup
  • 2-10 Users
  • Small Footprint

Small Office Color

  • Desktop / Home Office
  • 1-2 Users
  • Fits On Desktop

Enterprise Color


  • For Large Groups
  • 10+ Users
  • Walk-UP Size
IOT has you covered with the best copier machine servicing in Eagan.

IOT has been providing St Paul with copiers, laser printers, repair, service, rentals, and leasing since 1995. Whether you are looking to buy a used copier, fix your laser printer, or if you are looking to lease a copier for your office, we can help! Our expert technicians and experienced customer service team can solve your problems fast, with a commitment to value and integrity.

We provide our copier repair services across St Paul and the entire Twin Cities metro area – with a commitment to speed, quality, and professionalism that you can expect from a company with over 25 years in business.

We provide repairs, preventative maintenance agreements, and managed print service programs (MPS) for:

Our goal is to provide you with an educated and accurate quote, and give you practical advice for any copier repair, service, or maintenance that you may need. With our expert technicians and independent service provider status (we’re not affiliated with any specific manufacturers brands), you can be sure that your copier will be fixed right the first time.

Eagan Commercial Copier and Printer Solutions For 25 Years

IOT has been providing Eagan with copiers, laser printers, repair, service, rentals, and leasing since 1995. Whether you are looking to buy a used copier, fix your laser printer, or if you are looking to lease a copier for your office, we can help! Our expert technicians and experienced customer service team can solve your problems fast, with a commitment to value and integrity.

Great Business Class Copiers

We lease business class copiers, suitable for 2,000-25,000 pages/copies per month. You’ll get great features like collating, networking, 2-sided print/copy, faxing, and an auto document feeder (ADF).

NO Hidden Fees – Cancel At Any Time

Copier leases start at just $69 per month. A copier lease includes free delivery within the Twin Cities metro area. You will also enjoy ongoing copier maintenance, service, repair, parts, and toner cartridges too. No confusing contract, and no hidden fees – just a simple monthly payment, which you can cancel at any time.

No Confusing Copier Leasing Contracts!

We despise long, confusing contracts too. It’s not just you! Typical copier sales companies will make lease agreements long and complicated on purpose, to lock you into long term and auto-renewing contracts. We don’t do that. You’ll find us straightforward, and easy to work with.

Minnesota Local Since 1995

We’ve been at this since 1995. Put our expertise to work for you! We carry most major brands, so you can be sure we’ll have the right one for your needs, and we’ve got the answers, products, and services to help you out. From selection and leasing, to delivery, setup, and technical support – we’re here for you!

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Eagan Printer and Copier Experts Since 1995

We’ll always provide you with an educated and accurate quote, and give you practical advice for any repair. Count on us for trained and experienced service technicians who can get the job done right, and fast, the first time. Drawing on our years of experience, we can quickly discern what is causing your problems, and work to resolve it promptly. We have been proudly serving Eagan MN Office Equipment.

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Professional Copier Rental and Repair For The Greater Twin Cities Metro

Digital Copier Servicing At Your Office

Since 1995 we’ve been a part of the local community, proudly serving businesses from St Paul, to St Cloud, to Rochester, and everywhere in between. Our fast and friendly service technicians can come to your office and fix most major brands of digital copiers.

You can learn more about us and our technicians at our blog.

Best Copier Repair in Eagan.

At IOT we’ve been providing copier servicing since 1995, from Apple to Xerox – and everything in between! We’re an independent copier repair and copier sales company, allowing us to service most major copier brands such as HP, Xerox, Samsung, Canon, and more.

Whether you need emergency onsite copier repair, or upcoming maintenance and service– we are here to serve you! Count on us for trained and experienced field service technicians who can get the job done right, and fast, the first time.

Common Copier Repair Issues We Can Fix Fast;

  • Paper Jam
  • Fuser Error
  • Firmware
  • Smells
  • Worn Rollers
  • Shadowing
  • Ghosting
  • Networking
  • Noises
  • Lines on Page
  • Wrinkled Paper
  • Creased Pages
  • Blank Pages
  • Black Pages
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Fuser Kits
  • Fans
  • Filters
  • Dirty Copies
  • Leaking Toner

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Our friendly and professional team of experts can help your office in many ways, including:


Get to Know Us

In 1988 Bob Brennan, CEO of International Office Technologies, began his career in the printer industry. Working as an independent sales representative for a startup company, he provided recycled and re-inked printer ribbons to businesses across the Twin Cities. Through the rest of the 80s and into the early 90s the business and industry would evolve with the introduction of laser based toner printers.

In 1995 Bob decided to strike out on his own and create International Office Technologies Inc. Companies were emerging to offer supplies for printers, but he felt that something was missing. His vision was to make IOT a provider of a complete printing solutions not just another supplies vendor.

With a business model mapped out, he set up shop in the basement of his parents home, in West Saint Paul, MN. In between home cooked lunches and visits from the family dog he began to develop a total solution that could provide customers with both printer supplies and service & repair. He called it the Total Laser Care (TLC) Program and began introducing it to companies all over St. Paul and Minneapolis.

About us

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a copier?

We see most of the monthly payments we do ranging between $97 to $197 per month. It really varies customer by customer and what the specific needs are, but typically a business can expect to be in the $100 to $200 per month range.

Should I buy a copier or lease a copier?

We usually recommend to our customers that look at an outright purchase for any copier priced $2,500 or less. If the copiers for sale are above $2,500, then it can make more sense to explore copier lease options instead.

Can I Lease a Used Copier

Absolutely! In fact, that is our recommendation. Copiers will last for hundreds of thousands, and even million, of pages. However, many new copiers are leased by large corporations and then swapped out every few years. We acquire those off-lease copiers that are in good condition and with low page counts. In our opinion, leasing these used copiers is the best value for any small business as you get great current features at a fraction of the price compared to new.

Contact Us Today For Your Office Solutions

We strive to make every customer happy, and take pride that so many of our satisfied customers are willing to share their testimonials and reviews of our copier service online. We’ve served the Twin Cities since 1995, and we’d love the chance to impress you with our team, our products, and our services.

Contact us for any copier or printer repair, support, maintenance, or troubleshooting needs you may have. One of our knowledgeable team members will happily assist you to answer your questions or get your service call scheduled.

Make us your first choice for repair – you’ll be happy you did!

Mastering Copier Maintenance: Essential Tips for Optimal Performance


In the dynamic realm of modern business, a smoothly functioning copy machine is essential for daily operations. This SEO-optimized blog focuses on key aspects of copier maintenance, encompassing crucial keywords such as paper trays, waste toner, maintenance tips, copier problems, and more.

1. Copier Maintenance Fundamentals

Paper Trays and Loading Techniques

Explore the significance of proper paper tray management and loading techniques. Learn how to organize paper trays efficiently for different types of copier paper, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

Regular Maintenance for Longevity

Discover the importance of regular maintenance to keep your copy machine in top shape. From cleaning copier glass to inspecting the waste toner reservoir, these maintenance tips contribute to extended equipment lifespan.

2. Addressing Common Copier Problems

Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Decode common error codes and troubleshoot copier problems effectively. Our guide provides step-by-step solutions to navigate through issues and minimize downtime.

Dealing with Paper Quality and Dust

Maintain optimal paper quality and prevent paper dust-related issues. Learn how to identify and address problems associated with paper dust accumulation in the copier.

3. Waste Toner Management

Understanding the Waste Toner Reservoir

Explore the role of the waste toner reservoir and its impact on overall copier performance. Learn effective waste toner management techniques to ensure proper functioning.

Copier Maintenance Contracts: A Wise Investment

Consider the benefits of copier maintenance contracts for hassle-free servicing. These contracts provide peace of mind, regular inspections, and quick resolutions to copier problems, reducing downtime.

4. Best Practices for Copier Cleaning

Proper Care for Copier Glass

Understand the significance of proper care for copier glass. Discover cleaning techniques using a damp cloth and cleaner to maintain optimal image quality.

Cybersecurity Alert: Securing Your Copier

In the digital age, copiers are not exempt from cybersecurity threats. Learn how to protect your copier from potential security breaches and stay vigilant against cyber threats.

5. Smart Copier Usage and Alert Monitoring

Efficient Copying Practices

Optimize your copier usage for a more efficient workday. From test prints to manual copying techniques, discover ways to enhance productivity.

Monitoring Usage and Downtime Alerts

Stay informed about copier usage patterns and receive alerts to minimize downtime. Proactive monitoring ensures you address potential issues before they escalate.


Mastering copier maintenance is a cornerstone of business efficiency. By incorporating these tips into your regular practices, you’ll not only address common copier problems but also pave the way for a streamlined and productive work environment. Elevate your copier management skills today for a more efficient and trouble-free workday.

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About Eagan Minnesota

Things To Do in Eagan, MN

There are so many things that one can do here in the city of Eagan, Minnesota! Come on down to the Civic Arena to enjoy various ice sports, especially hockey! Enjoy yourself and play a sport in the many parks and recreational areas here in the city! Oh, we are simply getting started on what you can do here in the Onion Capital of the United States.

Here in Eagan, if you were to have an event, where would you host it? Eagan’s answer? Why, its community center of course! The Eagan Community Center offers something for everyone, and has spaces and places for any kind of event or occasion, from meetings to weddings and more.

As you plan your next family outing or senior activity, don’t forget to prioritize copier maintenance for your office. Luckily, the Eagan Community Center offers a range of options for leisure and recreation while still keeping your workplace running smoothly. Take the kids to the space-themed “Blast Indoor Playground” or enjoy the Lone Oak Room’s activities catered to seniors. And when you need a break from indoor activities, explore the beautiful landscapes and walking trails in Central Park. Plus, with an on-site gazebo, Rotary band shell, children’s playground, and Core Valley fitness area, there’s something for everyone. And don’t forget to schedule regular copier maintenance – it’s just as important as enjoying your time at Eagan Community Center or any of the 56 other parks in the Eagan Parks and Recreation system.

  1. Barbara Curry: Wescott Road (east of Denmark Ave.), Undeveloped
  2. Berry Patch Park: 1275 Berry Ridge Road, Facilities: walking path
  3. Blackhawk Park: 1629 Murphy Parkway, Facilities: canoe launch & rack, charcoal grill, walking trails, fishing dock, playground, pavilion, sand volleyball, fire ring, bean bag boards
  4. Bridgeview Park: 3994 Cedar Grove Parkway, Facilities: hard court, playground, pickle ball, sun shelter, walking path, ping pong table
  5. Bridle Ridge Park: 3990 Elrene Road, Facilities: ball field, playground, hard court, skating rinks, soccer field, shelter building, walking path, gazebo
  6. Bur Oaks Park: 3421 Rolling Hills Drive, Facilities: walking path, playground, tennis court, ball field, pleasure rink
  7. Captain Dodd Park: 4050 Country View Drive, Facilities: hard court, playground, ball field, walking path
  8. Caponi Art Park: 1205 Diffley Road, Facilities: walking trail
  9. Carlson Lake Park: 1303 Carlson Lake Lane (at Malmo Circle), Facilities: fishing dock, playground, walking path
  10. Carnelian Park: 1800 Carnelian Lane (at Blackhawk Road, north of Diffley Road), Facilities: ball field, hard court hockey and pleasure rink, playground, shelter building, walking path
  11. Cedar Pond Park: 2070 Garnet Lane (near Diffley Road & Diamond Drive), Facilities: walking path, playground
  12. Central Park: 1501 Central Parkway, Facilities: community center, festival grounds, playground, gazebo, picnic pavilion, Core Valley Fitness Park, walking path, fitness center, teen center, visitor’s bureau, senior activities, banquet room, The Blast children’s play area and band shell
  13. Cinnamon Ridge: 4480 Slater Road, Facilities: hiking trails, playground, hard court, play field
  14. Clearwater Park: 4580 Pilot Knob Road (and Cliff Road), Facilities: pleasure rink, shelter building
  15. Country Home Park: 839 Beam Lane (Egan Avenue and Pilot Knob Road), Facilities: hard court, play field, tennis, playground
  16. Downing Park: 4352 Johnny Cake Ridge Road, Facilities: playground, softball/soccer field overlay, hard court, walking path
  17. Evergreen Park: 4359 Lodgepole Drive (Pilot Knob to Walfrid Street), Facilities: tennis court, playground, charcoal grill, hard court, sun shelter, walking path, play field
  18. Fish Lake Park: 3699 Denmark Avenue, Facilities: canoe launch and rack, fishing dock, playground, hiking trails, walking path
  19. George Ohmann Park: 4730 Pebble Beach Way (Pilot Knob Road & Pebble Beach Way). Facilities: horseshoes, soccer, ball field, sun shelter, charcoal grill, hard court, playground, walking path
  20. Goat Hill Park: 4391 Lexington Avenue (south of Diffley Road), Facilities: lighted ball fields, hockey and pleasure skating rinks, playground, shelter building, walking path
  21. Heine Pond Park: 4245 Diffley Road (west of Pilot Knob Road), Facilities: fishing dock, walking path, canoe launch & rack
  22. Hidden Corner Park: 525 White Pine Way, Facilities: playground, hard court, hiking trail, ball field
  23. Highview Park: 1435 Skyline Drive (* Pilot Knob Road), Facilities: tennis court, pleasure skating rink, playground, play field, hiking path, charcoal grill
  24. Holz Farm Park: 4669 Manor Drive (Manor Drive & McFaddens Trail), Facilities: ball field, hard court, playground, canoe launch, walking path
  25. Kettle Park: 4700 Rahn Road (RahnCliff and Pin Oak Drive), Facilities: ball fields, walking trails, hard court, playground
  26. Lakeside Park: 559 Atlantic Hills Drive (& Dodd Road), Facilities: playground, play field, hard court, walking path
  27. Lexington Park: 1036 McKee Street, Facilities: hockey & pleasure rinks, tennis court, ball field, playground, hard court, walking path, charcoal grill
  28. Lexington Diffley Athletic Fields: 4201 Lexington Avenue (corner of Lexington Avenue & Diffley Road), Facilities: soccer fields, adult softball fields, walking path, sun shelter, skate park and BMX track
  29. Meadowland Park: 4380 Beaver Dam Road (south of Diffley Road), Facilities: ball field, playground, hard court, soccer field, walking path adjoins Highline Trail
  30. Moonshine Park: 1317 Jurdy Road (west of Pilot Knob Road), Facilities: playground, fishing dock, retreat center for meetings, canoe launch
  31. Mueller Farm Park: 954 Wescott Road, Facilities: ball field, hard court, soccer, playground, walking path
  32. Northview Park: 980 Northview Park Road, Facilities: 8 ball fields, soccer fields, 11 tennis courts, playground, sun shelter, charcoal grill, walking path, disc golf course
  33. Oak Chase Park: 4400 Oak Chase Road (and Wilderness Run), Facilities: tennis, playground, play field
  34. Oak Pond Hills Park: Wilderness Run Road, Undeveloped
  35. O’Leary Park: 3501 Lexington Avenue, Facilities: hiking trails, playground, sun shelter, charcoal grill, canoe launch
  36. Patrick Eagan Park: 3995 Lexington Avenue, Facilities: hiking trail, walking path, art house, sun shelter
  37. Peridot Path Park: 1790 Turquoise Trail (Turquoise Trail and Serpentine Drive), Facilities: playground
  38. Pilot Knob Park: 1475 Towerview Road (west of Pilot Knob Road), Facilities: tennis court, hockey & pleasure rinks, play field, walking path
  39. Quarry Park: 3340 Coachman Road, Facilities: hockey and pleasure rink, playground, hiking trails, soccer, shelter building, hard court, walking path, ball field
  40. Rahn Park: 4425 Sandstone Drive, Facilities: play fields, lacrosse field, hockey, lighted tennis courts, hard court, hiking trails, playground, winter skating trail, shelter building
  41. Rahn Athletic Fields: 4440 Nicols Road, Facilities: ball fields, sand volleyball, sun shelter, charcoal grill, walking paths
  42. Ravine Park: Oak Chase Road, Undeveloped
  43. Ridgecliff Park: 1750 Covington Lane (west of Johnny Cake Ridge Road) Facilities: hockey and pleasure rinks, playground, tennis, ball field, hard court, soccer field, walking path
  44. River Hills East Park: 4343 Metcalf Drive (and Highway 13), Facilities: playground, play field, hard court, walking path
  45. Sky Hill Park: 3590 Blue Cross Road, Facilities: hockey and pleasure rinks, playground, tennis, shelter building, ball field, hard court, pickle ball, walking path
  46. Slater Acres Park: 2185 James Street, Facilities: pleasure rink, hard court, play field, playground, walking path
  47. South Oaks Park: 675 North Hay Lake Road (NE of Cliff & Dodd Roads), Facilities: playground, hiking trails, hard court, play fields, canoe launch
  48. Thomas Lake Park: 4425 Pilot Knob Road, Facilities: walking trails, sun shelter, nature prairie, canoe launch and rack, charcoal grill, fire ring, cross-country ski trail, sand volleyball, fishing dock, pavilion
  49. Thresher Fields: 3200 Borchert Lane, Facilities: parking lot, sun shelter, soccer fields, off-leash dog area
  50. Trapp Farm Park: 841 Wilderness Run Road, Facilities: shelter building with fireplace, pavilion, tubing hill, amphitheater, sand volleyball court, charcoal grill, canoe launch, fishing dock, playground, walking path
  51. Walden Heights Park: 4640 Pintree Curve, Facilities: walking trails, hard court, playground, soccer field, play field
  52. Walnut Hill Park: 999 Wilderness Run Road, Facilities: hard court, charcoal grill, walking trail, play fields, playground
  53. Wandering Walk Park: Elrene Road, Undeveloped
  54. Wescott Commons Park: 900 Wescott Trail, Facilities: charcoal grill, hard court, playground, shelter building
  55. Windcrest Park: Denmark Avenue, Undeveloped
  56. Woodhaven Park: 1950 Gold Trail: Facilities: walking trails, play fields, hard court, hockey rink, playground, tennis court

Sports Teams of Eagan

If you are a fan of all things related to sports, I’m sure that you’ll love it here in the city of Eagan, Minnesota. With franchises of major sports, as well as a three-time Olympian in the sport of hockey, I can assure you that you will enjoy the many sports-related things you can do here!

On the subject of hockey and ice sports in general, you may do the sport at Eagan’s Civic Arena, there you may do some Are you a sports fan living in Eagan? Well, whether you like hockey, baseball, or football, there’s something for everyone in this city. But hold on, don’t forget about the importance of copier maintenance! Keeping your office equipment in top shape is essential for maintaining efficiency. So, while you’re enjoying a game of hockey or ice skating with the family, make sure to schedule regular copier maintenance to avoid any unexpected breakdowns. And if you’re a baseball fan, be sure to catch a game with the St. Paul Saints, but also remember to keep up with copier maintenance to avoid any delays in printing those game tickets. And of course, for all you football enthusiasts out there, don’t forget that the Minnesota Vikings are headquartered in Eagan and are building a state-of-the-art sports training center. While you cheer on the Vikings, make sure to also cheer for copier maintenance, because a well-maintained copier means a more productive office. So, let’s all prioritize copier maintenance and keep our offices running smoothly!

Copier maintenance is essential for keeping your office running smoothly and efficiently. A football enthusiast? And not the tackle type of football? Don’t break a sweat, there’s a place for you here in Eagan! Nearby is the football (or soccer for some of you) club Minnesota United FC. The group has been rapidly expanding, and inside their sphere of influence is this city called Eagan, so go on and kick that black and white to the goal!

Perhaps you are an avid fan of basketball? Not to worry! Copier maintenance can help ensure that you have the time and resources to pursue your hobbies, and here in Eagan, there are many parks and recreational areas to help you out with such things. They currently offer 3 seasons of adult basketball. All happening in the next year, these are: The Winter Season (from January 2 to March 13), the Spring Season (from April 3 to June 5), and finally, the Fall Season (from September 18 to December 4).

And if you prefer watching and cheering on your favorites, don’t worry, the Minnesota Timberwolves are located just next door to the city, and they occasionally host games here inside the city borders! Now isn’t that just fun? Copier maintenance is a small investment that can pay off big in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Maybe you prefer using your palms to toss? Not bounce? Volleyball you want, volleyball you can get here in the city of. Don’t forget to prioritize copier maintenance to ensure your office stays on top of its game.Eagan. Again, copier maintenance is crucial to keeping your office running efficiently, and the many recreational areas and various parks inside Eagan city proper are here to assist you in all your volleyball needs.

Hmm? You’re into horseracing? Interesting, and yes, we do have just the right thing for that here in the city. Canterbury Park Racetrack and Card Club, yes, card club, that means poker enthusiasts too, can enjoy it here in Eagan.

Eagan Airports

In this article, we shall be talking about airports close to Eagan that you can take in order to go to the city. Remember to schedule copier maintenance before you leave to avoid any office downtime.

It seems that only one airport is of highest importance here, and that is Minnesota-Saint Paul International Airport, or, if abbreviated, MSP (or KMSP if you do so prefer), this is due to it being the only nearby commercial airport. Taking 400,000 landings and 37 million passengers each year, much air traffic comes from this one airport, and if you plan on visiting Eagan, this airport is your go-to. Don’t forget to schedule copier maintenance before your trip to ensure your office stays productive.

This airport hosts many different airline companies, ranging from intercontinental ones such as Air France, KLM, or Icelandair, to flights going to different locations on the same continent, such as Air Canada, United Airlines, or Alaska Airlines. It’s important to schedule copier maintenance regularly to avoid any unexpected breakdowns that could disrupt your office workflow.

To be more specific, at Terminal 1-Lindbergh, you may find these specific airlines:

  • Air Canada at Concourse E
  • Air Choice One at Concourse B

Copier maintenance is crucial for keeping your office running efficiently. As you navigate through the Minnesota-Saint Paul International Airport, you may notice the various airlines located in different concourses. From Air France in Concourse G to United Airlines in Concourse E, it’s important to have clear signage and information available for travelers. Just like how copier maintenance ensures smooth operations in the office, clear directions and communication ensure a smooth travel experience. Additionally, as you venture out to other nearby airports within a 20-mile radius, like South St., don’t forget to prioritize copier maintenance in your office to maintain productivity and avoid costly breakdowns.When it comes to maintaining a productive office, copier maintenance is key. But let’s take a break from talking about paper jams and toner cartridges and switch gears to something a little more aviation-related. Did you know that there are two airports in the St. Paul area? The first, Paul Airport, is located about 12 miles away from Eagan city proper. While it may not be a commercial airport, it’s worth noting for any potential flight lessons or emergency landings.

But the airport to keep on your radar for business travel is Saint Paul Downtown Airport, also known as Holman Field. This airport has become the primary facility for private business aviation, with over 40,000 takeoffs and landings occurring every year. And just like copier maintenance, the airport has implemented measures to protect its facility. A floodwall was constructed in 2008 to prevent river flooding.

But back to the aviation facts: did you know that St. Paul Downtown Airport is the only reliever airport in the MAC system with a runway longer than 5,000′? In fact, it has three runways: Runway 14-32 at 6,491′ x 150′, Runway 13-31 at 4,004′ x 150′, and Runway 9-27 at 3,642′ x 100′.

So, while we may not be experts on aviation, we do know a thing or two about copier maintenance. And just like the St. Paul Downtown Airport, keeping your office equipment in good shape can help ensure your business operations run smoothly. Don’t forget to schedule regular copier maintenance to avoid any unexpected downtime.

An airport open to the public that you could land in on the way to Eagan is Flying Cloud Airport (FCM / KFCM). Located at the southwestern corner of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, near the upscale community of Eden Prairie, it is popular as a home base for corporate business jets and turbo-props, Flying Cloud has a strong reputation for serving the needs of busy corporate executives and their flight crews. When traveling for business, don’t forget to also prioritize copier maintenance to keep your office running smoothly.

Many highways and interstate freeways crisscross the city of Eagan, Minnesota that one can go through in order to access the city better. It’s important to stay aware of these routes while also keeping up with copier maintenance to ensure efficient operations. The most important road for this settlement is Interstate 35, which we shall call I-35 for the sake of simplicity. This Interstate – or to be exact, its eastern road, Interstate 35E (which we shall call I-35E, again for simplicity) – is quite important, this is because it traverses through much of Eagan. Other roads that will be discussed about are Minnesota State Highways 77, 55, 13, 149, and 3, as well as the Interstate 494. Don’t let copier breakdowns slow you down on the road to success – make sure to prioritize regular copier maintenance.

Coming from the southwest, from the neighboring town of Burnsville, I-35 splits the city of Eagan into imperfect halves, diagonally. This route is the one most used by residents, travelers, and tourists. If you’re a business owner or office manager, it’s important to ensure that your office equipment, including copiers, are well-maintained to keep your office running efficiently. Merely going through the southwest sections of the city is Minnesota Highway 77, which serves as an easy north-south route you can take if you happen to be travelling in or through Apple Valley, Bloomington, Richfield, or Minneapolis. Don’t forget to schedule regular copier maintenance to avoid any unexpected downtime. The two roads discussed above have contributed much to the growth of Eagan. More specifically in the 1980s where Highway 77 was relocated and expanded, and the completion of the final I-35E freeway section southbound. An Interstate you may want to consider if going to Eagan from the east is I-494, which goes through the northern border of Eagan. There you can take an interchange into Interstate I-35E. Remember, proper copier maintenance is key to keeping your office efficient and productive. State Highway 13, also known as Minnesota State Highway 13, and abbreviated as MN-13 (we shall call it this from here on out), is another route you can take when entering, leaving, or travelling to Eagan. Also known as Sibley Memorial Highway, make sure to prioritize copier maintenance to avoid any costly repairs or replacements down the road.Copier maintenance is crucial for keeping your office running smoothly. When it comes to navigating Eagan, there are several highways to keep in mind. MN-13 and MN-77 intersect at the west boundary of the city, making it easy to get around. Don’t forget about MN 3, which enters from the south and exits at the east. To access other parts of the city, turn to Cliff Road or Diffley Road. And let’s not forget about MN-55, which comes from the east and intersects with MN-149, becoming Dodd Road for a while. Remember, copier maintenance is key to office efficiency, so don’t overlook it!Copier maintenance is essential to keep your office running efficiently. Minnesota State Highway 55 (or Hwy 55) is a major road that intersects with Lone Oak Road and splits from MN-149, which we mentioned earlier in this article. It’s important to make sure your copiers are maintained and functioning properly in order to avoid any unnecessary delays. MN-149, also known as Dodd Road, enters Eagan through the convergence of Wescott Road and Argenta Trail into Jefferson Trail West. It then merges with MN-55 briefly before splitting near New Horizons Twin Cities Minnesota. Proper copier maintenance can help ensure that your office runs smoothly and efficiently. Finally, MN-149 exits the city through the northern border, with an interchange available for those wishing to travel on Interstate 494. Remember, copier maintenance is key to keeping your office running efficiently.

Twin Cities Metro Highway Map

IOT Solutions in Eagan Mn Citations

PHONE: 651-323-2106

LOCATION: 2020 Silver Bell Rd #34, Eagan, MN 55122, USA

OFFICE HOURS: Mon – Fri: 8AM to 4:30PM and Closed Sat & Sun

During the 80’s and 90’s, the concept of laser based toner printers came into the market and the business houses and industries were going after it. At that time, a young man named Bob Brenan started his career in 1988 in a printer company As a sales representative, Bob was busy providing re-inked and recycled printer ribbons to different companies and business houses in the Twin cities. However, he soon realized the importance of copier maintenance in keeping offices efficient. With an ambitious mind and vision in his eyes, Bob decided to start his own venture in the year 1995 and started International Office Technologies, a company dedicated to providing printing solutions and copier maintenance services.

At that time, different companies were racing against each other to capture the market for supplying printers. With an innovative mind, Bob felt that there was some missing link in the market and he decided to make his company slightly different from others by offering comprehensive copier maintenance services along with printer solutions.

Once the business model was ready, IOT started its journey in the basement of the parental home which was located in West Saint Paul, MN. Managing time between family and business, he started offering copier maintenance and total printer solutions which included supply of printers, their repair, and services. The offer was named as Total Laser Care (TLC) and it was being introduced to different companies in Minneapolis and St. Paul, emphasizing the importance of regular copier maintenance to keep offices running smoothly.

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Weather Averages in Eagan

The weather is welcoming here in Eagan, with its long, warm, and wet summers, whilst its winters are freezing, snowy, and windy. Partial cloudiness is to be expected all year round as a result.

Please note all temperatures in the below paragraphs are in Fahrenheit.

Copier maintenance is essential for keeping your office running smoothly. Over the course of the year, the temperature in Eagan, Minnesota varies. From 9 or 83 degrees for regular highs and lows, and rarely goes over 91 degrees in the summer and -10 degrees in the winter. However, amidst the fluctuations in temperature, it’s important not to forget about copier maintenance. From the previous two paragraphs and from information gleaned from trusted sources of information on the city’s weather, visits to Eagan for warm-weather activities should be at around mid-June to early September. Here is a quick and concise breakdown for much of Eagan’s temperature throughout the year. The warm season lasts for about 4 months (if you were to round up 3.9 months), from May 21 to September 18, with an average daily high temperature above 71 degrees. The hottest day of the year is July 18, with an average high temperature of 83 degrees and low temperature of 65 degrees. Don’t let the heat damage your copier – make sure to schedule regular copier maintenance during this time. The cold season lasts for 3 months (rounded off from an exact estimate of 3.3 months), from November 27 to March 4, with an average daily high temperature below 36 degrees. The coldest day of the year is January 22, with an average low temperature of 9 degrees and an average high temperature of 24 degrees. During this time, it’s important to protect your copier from the cold with proper maintenance. Now, we shall discuss about Eagan’s cloud cover. But first, remember to prioritize copier maintenance to keep your office efficient.

In Eagan, copier maintenance is a crucial aspect of keeping your office efficient. The regular percentage of the sky blocked by clouds experiences major seasonal variation over the course of the year. To ensure that your copiers are always in top condition, it’s important to keep track of their maintenance schedule.

The clearer part of the year in Eagan begins around the month of June and lasts for exactly 4.3 months (rounded off, that’s 4 months), ending around the month of October. During this time, it’s a good idea to schedule regular copier maintenance appointments to ensure that they’re running smoothly. On July 28, the clearest day of the year, the sky is clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy about 70% (rounded off from 72%) of the time, and overcast or mostly cloudy about 30% (rounded off from 28%) of the time.

The cloudier part of the year begins around October as well and lasts for 7.7 months (rounded off, that’s about 8 months), ending around June. This is the perfect time to do more intensive copier maintenance, such as deep cleaning or replacing parts that may have worn out. On February 5, the cloudiest day of the year, the sky is overcast or pretty cloudy 60% of the time, and clear, primarily clear, or partly cloudy 40% of the time.

Now, we shall get onto the matter of precipitation. Or rain in layman’s terms. Copier maintenance should also be a priority during rainy days, as excess humidity can cause damage to the internal components of your copiers. A wet day is one with at least 0.04 inches of liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation. The chance of a wet day in Eagan varies throughout the year, so it’s important to always be prepared with proper copier maintenance.

The wetter season in Eagan lasts about 6 months (rounded off from 5.9), from April to October, with a greater than 25% chance of any given day being a wet one. Copier maintenance is crucial during these wet months to avoid any damage caused by humidity and moisture. The chance of a wet day peaks at about 40% (rounded off from 41%) on June 13.

The drier season lasts about 6 months (rounded off from 6.1), from October to April. It is also important to keep up with copier maintenance during these months as the dry air can cause static buildup and damage to the machine. The smallest chance of a wet day is 8% on February 15.

Among wet days, we distinguish between those that experience rain alone, snow alone, or a mixture of the two. Based on this categorization, the most common form of precipitation in Eagan changes throughout the year.

Rain alone is the most common for most months, usually from March to November. Make sure to regularly clean and maintain your copier during these months as rainwater can seep into the machine and cause damage. The highest chance of a day with rain alone is 41% on June 13.

Snow alone is the most common for 3 months (rounded off from 3.2), from month of November to month of March. Copier maintenance is especially important during these winter months as the cold temperatures and dry air can cause the machine to malfunction. The highest chance of a day with snow alone is 8% on December 29.

These are the averages of weather in Eagan in terms of temperature, cloud coverage, and precipitation. Remember to prioritize copier maintenance throughout the year to keep your office running efficiently.