In this article we shall talk about the various things that you can do within the city of Edina, Minnesota, and, boy, are there many things that you can do within this city! We’ll be listing them and giving descriptions on each of them! Now without further ado, let us begin!

Arneson Acres is a unique park donated to the City of Edina by Morton and Katherine Arneson in the late 1970s.

Arneson Acres, 4711 W 70th Street, is a unique park that is home to the Edina Historical Society, Edina Museum, and City of Edina greenhouse.

The home and 13.2 acres were donated to the City of Edina by Morton and Katherine Arneson in the late 1970s. Prior to that time, the Arnesons used their property as a commercial tree nursery.

Today, the park’s 28 gardens are maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Begin your tour of Arneson Acres in the Terrace Room on the ground level of the Arneson house. The gardens surrounding the stone terrace were planted by the Cloverlane Garden Club, part of the Edina Garden Council. Showy annuals are planted each year against a backdrop of perennial daylilies.

Walk out the door of the Terrace Room and down the driveway to the greenhouse. The Arnesons, avid gardeners, donated their property with the stipulation that the City build a greenhouse for the purpose of growing the annuals and perennials that the City plants in its parks and more than 100 public spaces.

The Edina Art Center provides the community with a place to view exciting exhibitions, enjoy artistic and cultural events and learn to express their creativity through art making. Our mission is to build a vibrant community by fostering common bonds, nurturing talent and creating venues for expressing and appreciating art and culture in Edina.

Centennial Lakes Park is home to a 10-acre lake that is groomed daily during the winter for ice skating. Spread out over three main ponds connected by narrow, meandering canals, the rink gives skaters a unique skating experience.

Visitors can also take a spin on one of the Park’s Norwegian ice sleds. Afterward, relax by one of the Hughes Pavilion’s three fireplaces while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

For the convenience of park visitors, Centennial Lakes rents figure and hockey skates for children and adults.

Adventure awaits at Minnesota’s largest indoor play park featuring the appropriately named Adventure Peak! There is no shortage of smiles at this happy place where families are encouraged to climb, slide and play together. It’s a great place to exercise, too; the park has an indoor pool, walking track and fitness area.

Edinborough Park has been named the “Best Kids’ Play Area in Minnesota!”

As for skating rinks for those into ice skating, there are many of them within the city of Edina, Minnesota. All locations have warming houses, general skating rinks, and hockey rinks. Rinks close when the a temperature is -10 or lower or a wind chill of -15 or lower. Rinks are reserved for youth hockey practices beginning at 6 p.m. during weekdays. Some rinks also have youth hockey games Saturdays and Sundays.

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