We shall now be talking about the various things you can do here in the city of Burnsville, Minnesota. The purpose of this article is to inform you about the different things you can do, as well as a quick blurb on these things. Now, without any more distractions, let me begin telling you about the different things that one may do inside the city of Burnsville, Minnesota.

Burnsville has inside of it, approximately 1,800 acres (in metric, that’s 7.3 km2) of land dedicated to parks, these acres are spread throughout 79 parks and is managed by the Parks Department of the city which follows a Parks & Trails Master Plan. 1/3 of these parks is developed for recreation, the rest of these parks remain preserved as natural habitat. The city’s northern border with the Minnesota River is within the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Crystal Lake, a place you should visit if possible, is Burnsville’s largest recreation lake. The lake allows various activities, such as boating, fishing, jet-skiing, and swimming.

Then there’s the Burnsville Skate Park, which is a free facility during summer hours. For those into ice-skating, the Burnsville Ice Center has two large professional ice rinks for all your ice-skating needs.

For any of you who have children, there’s always the Burnsville Athletic Club is an all-volunteer youth sports league. This event an average participation rate of about 1,200+ players, which are inside baseball leagues for grades K-12. There are also 80–90 boys basketball teams in grades 3–12, if you have any children that are into that sport. And for those children wishing to be NFL stars, there are over 400 players in flag and tackle American football in grades 2–8. There are also traveling teams for boys’ and girls’ basketball, girls’ fast-pitch softball, and 8th-grade boys’ football, which play against similar teams from around the state at a higher competitive level.

For adults, there are other adult sports, which are provided through the city’s recreation department, other recreational organizations, and minor league groups.

Inside the city, there is over 58 playgrounds for your kids to be playing in and roughly 11 recreational lakes for any of you that are into fishing, and for those looking for a challenging time in fishing, the most heavily used of the lakes are Keller Lake, Crystal Lake, Kruse Lake, and Aligmanet Lake, good luck finding fish during certain times!

Ames Performing Arts Center is located at 12600 Nicollet Avenue inside the central sections of the city. The center of this place has two theatres, and 1000-seat Proscenium Stage, not to mention an art gallery.

Annually every August or September, the community holds the Burnsville Fire Muster. Established in 1980, the event originated in the 1970s as a showcase and short parade for a local fire equipment collector. Taking on the New England fire muster tradition, the event now includes a large parade, music concerts, and fireworks. In 2004, the namesake event of this celebration, a fire truck parade, was cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest of its kind in the world, at that time.

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