HP LaserJet M506

Get the HP LaserJet P3015 Free When You Buy PeakToner

The HP LaserJet M506 is a great printer, and replaces the HP LaserJet P3015.  If you do not need the higher end features of the newer HP M506 then you can save some money by getting the P3015 instead.  Plus, when you buy PeakToner from IOT you can get the P3015 for free – as well as free service and repair too, when you use PeakToner.

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  • Upgrade your older printers to newer HP LaserJet printers

  • HP LaserJet M506 has high security hard drive technology

  • If you buy 4 HP LaserJet M506 toners from IOT you can get the printer for free

  • Opting for the previous generation HP LaserJet P3015

  • We recommend these devices for workgroups of 2-5 users

Hi, this is Bob Brennan with International Office Technologies. In this episode, we’re gonna talk about replacing some of your older equipment maybe with newer equipment. And this specific model, I believe, is still being manufactured, it’s just actually at it’s tail end of its life with HP. However, we can get these used, or factory refurbished from HP. Pretty interesting machine, and that’s this M506. It’s interesting, in some of the specs compared to what it’s replacing, regeneration of what it’s replacing.

It’s 45 pages a minute. First page out is 5.9 seconds, it’s really quick. The page yield is 18000 pages, so it’s a pretty decent size page yield. I believe the cartridge cost on this is right around $320.

Yeah, so this is a really good machine in that sense. It’s got high security … now most of these newer machines have hard drives and that’s good, but it also can be a little daunting when you fire it up. So when you first fire it up, sometimes it takes a while for it to boot up. Actually older machines will boot up quicker, but obviously they don’t have hard drives, but if you like that feature this could be a good machine.

So, you’re at about 1.8 cents a page to operate this machine. We’ve got an offer, if you buy four toners from us, you get the machine for free, and that’s out to right around … or if you just want to buy the machine on its own, it’s $1200. But again, if you buy your toner from us, we take care of it ongoing. So, the machine it’s replacing is this HP P3015, and I believe the P35, and we have this one as well. It’s a little bit more expensive to operate, but obviously, you’ll see here, it’s a lot less to purchase, in that three toners, you get the machine. You get an ongoing coverage. The yield is only 12500 pages, and then your cost is around two cents a page. And it’s only 40 pages a minute, where the other machine is 45. So, it’s a little bit faster.

These are some, what we call, desktop, or medium user machines. And basically, you can use these as a network, but probably, gosh, four or five users, just because of tray capacity and duty cycle on this is relatively low. But they’re still machine, and so 7500 pages per month is the max pages per month they’re recommending for this one, and 5000 pages per month, is the max. So, based on those yields, you’ll be switching out a toner cartridge every two and a half months, two to three months. So, these are good machines for that purpose.

Again, these are black and white, and just great office machines. Any questions, feel free to give Sara a call, or Courtney a call at 651-452-5630. Again, we service the whole Twin Cities areas, seven county area, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Woodbury, down to Farmington, not quite Northfield, but all over the Twin Cities. If you have any questions, just give us a call. Thanks.

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