Years of Reliable Toner

Q1338A Toner Has Been Around 15 Years in the Market

IOT provides Q1338A toner for 4200 series printers. The toner can yield up to 12 thousand pages. If you plan to print three to four thousand pages per month. This toner can do well with you and your budget.

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  • Q1338A toner has been around for 15 years

  • It works well with 4200 series printers

  • Prints three to four thousand pages per month

  • A print costs 1.6 cents per page only

  • Peak Toner Program can service your needs in less than four hours

Bob: Bob, Sarah here. We’re here for Toner Talk and today’s topic is Sarah?

Sarah: The Q1338A toner.

Bob: Indeed, so this has been around for about how long?

Sarah: Over 15 years now.

Bob: 15 years. What kind of yield can you expect in this?

Sarah: It’s 12 thousand pages.

Bob: I think this used, what in a 4200 series?

Sarah: Yes.

Bob: Okay.

Sarah: Just the 4200 series.

Bob: Just the 4200 series. Great printer, I think it nets out to, how much a page?

Sarah: About 1.6 cents a page.

Bob: Okay. It’s a good printer if you’re gonna print, what three to four thousand pages a month?

Sarah: Yup.

Bob: Would be a good printer, it’s been around for a long time, it’s still selling, still service a lot of them. Right?

Sarah: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bob: At 1.6 cents a page, that nets out to how much per cartridge?

Sarah: It’s 198.99 for the full [inaudible 00:00:49] toner program.

Bob: Yup. That program covers everything; fuser, its maintenance, kits, any and all service calls. Yeah, we’re out take care of your printer in about … four hours, under four hours or so. That’s all throughout [inaudible 00:01:06] cities, so Minneapolis, St. Paul, West St. Paul, East St. Paul, North St. Paul.

If you have any questions about this, this type of toner, we can get it to you right away too, that’s the other thing, is we keep most of the stuff in inventory.

You can reach us at, you can reach Sarah at 651-452-5630. Thanks.

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