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IOT has been providing Mankato copier repair, copier service, and copier maintenance since 1995.  Whether you are looking to buy a used copier, fix your copier, or if you are looking to lease a copier for your office, we can help!  Our expert technicians and experienced customer service team can solve  your problems fast, with a commitment to value and integrity.

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Twin Cities Copier Repair Experts Since 1995

IOT has you covered with the best copier repair services in Mankato.

We provide our copier repair services across Mankato and the entire Twin Cities metro area – with a commitment to speed, quality, and professionalism that you can expect from a company with over 25 years in business.

Mankato Copier Repair Services

Copiers and office equipment have been a critical part of business’s for the last 30 years. We’ve been servicing Hewlett Packard, Canon and Xerox devices for the past 25 years. Quite frankly there is no one in the Minneapolis market that knows more about these devices than IOT (International Office Technologies).

We provide repairs, preventative maintenance agreements, and managed print service programs (MPS) for;

  • Canon
  • Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • Xerox

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Professional Copier Repair For The Greater Twin Cities Metro

IOT Service Area

Since 1995 we’ve been a part of the local community, proudly serving businesses from Mankato, to St Cloud, to Rochester, and everywhere in between.  Our fast and friendly service technicians can come to your office and fix most major brands of digital copiers.

Digital Copier Repair At Your Office

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IOT has been in business for over 25 years. We have clients that will not part with some of there older equipment that has been in their service for close to 20 years. The only reason they are moving on is their software will not support the equipment. Often there is nothing wrong mechanically with the device. If any piece of IT equipment can last 20 years that’s impressive. Canon and HP are pretty much tied to the hip. Canon has been the “go to” engine for all of HP’s laser printers and MVP’s since it’s very first laserjet. These protects have a world class standard that others have been trying to catch up to for the last 35 years.

Lowest Cost of ownership and operation

Often you can find devices that are very inexpensive upfront. Brands like these include Lexmark, Brother, Okidata data Samsung. While they’re 20 to 50% the price of HP you’ll end up pay twice that in repairs and or replacement of the device. These devices are fine if you’re looking for a throw away device or you have very very low usage. Operationally you’re looking at a much higher cost as well. Often times these devices require a separate drum and toner unit. Frequently the end user can’t determine a print issue with it being a toner issue or a drum so they end up replacing the incorrect component or end up replacing both. This ends up increasing your operational cost. With the exception of the HP’s lowest price units all of HP’s toners a one unit design. These are very easy to remove and replace.

IT Compatibility and Driver friendly

Hp was the original designer of the PCL language “Printer control Language”. It is pretty much the “standard” when it comes to print language. It has shared this technology with it’s partner Canon for the last 35 plus years. HP’s drivers are the best in the industry, and they have the ability to partner with some of the best Operating Systems in the business along with numerous software vendors. In 25 years of servicing these devices it’s rare we’ve had to deal with driver issues compared to other devices.

User Friendly

The intuitive design of Canon and HP copiers and MFP allows for ease of use for the end user. It takes all of 15 minutes to show our customers how to use 90% of the features on the machine. The other 10% they will call our support to walk them through it. These world class devices have powerful features like scan to email, scan to file, scan to network. World class security as well. All of HP and Canon devices are ADA compliant.

Parts and Supply availability

We’ve all wanted to own or afford an exotic foreign car. While it would be fun to drive it’s typically never fun to get fixed or find parts. Canon and HP parts and supplies and their compatible counterparts are readily available all over the world. While some copiers may have better specific features over canons and HP’s you may be locked into a device that is hard to get parts or supplies at times. If you choose a device that has one and only one service company in that market……you could be stuck with a car that looks great in the garage but when you have to really rely on it …..it may let you down due your limited options for parts and service.

Added Bonus…Our Service

We’ve been in business for over 25 years. In those years we’ve learned a lot from our customers and their needs. At the end of the day if we’re not solving their problems before they’ve happening then we’re done for. Business moves faster than ever. Between our commitment to take care of our clients and the reliable technology from Canon and HP we feel we can be a great partner for your business.

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