In this article, we shall be talking about the different kinds of roads that are inside the city of Rosemount, Minnesota. Multiple types of the road go through this city, and thus, in order to make the describing of these roads easier, we shall be separating them into two categories, which, in turn, will be separated into further subcategories. Now, the first category is those roads that are categorized as highways or freeways in the various highway systems within the United States, these include Interstate freeways, US Route Highways, and finally, the smallest of the bunch, although not in any way less important, State Route Highways.

After we finish describing these roads to you, we will be moving onto the second category, which are those roads that aren’t within any highway categorization system, these roads include your regular streets, boulevards, avenues, and drives. Now, without any more distractions, we shall now start with the second subcategory of the first category, which is US Route highways, this is due to the fact that there appears to be no major Interstate freeway going inside the city’s borders, or even right outside them, and thus, we shall be skipping that one category.

It appears that there is only one US Route highway within the city of Rosemount, Minnesota, one of them. The name of the highways is US Route 52, which is a north-south or vice-versa route for the city of Rosemount and is a major artery for it, sending in traffic that helps with the city’s economy. After these, there are State Route Highways, which the city has two of, State Route Highway 55 and State Route Highway 3.

For the first highway, we shall describe it in a north-south manner. The US Route highway enters the city from Inver Grove Heights and is in a concurrency with State Route Highway 55 until Pine Bend Trail, in which it goes southward without the State Route being concurrent with it. Continuing southward, the route comes close to Rich Valley Golf Course and forms an intersection with 145th Street. Afterward, the US Route Highway exits the city, entering into the neighboring town of Coates. The route within Minnesota State exits it near the town of Prosper and exits into Burr Oak.

We shall now talk about the third subcategory within the first category, which are those roads that are categorized as State Route Highways (which are abbreviated as SRs), and the city of Rosemount, Minnesota contains two of them. The full names of these State Routes are State Route Highway 55, and State Route Highway 3. The former is an east to west (and vice versa) road, and the latter is a north-south road (and, again, vice versa). We shall talk first about the former, which goes from its terminus in neighboring Hastings (and connected to US Route 61), it enters the city from the east and enters into a concurrency with US Route 52 before exiting the city. The other SR is State Route 3. Coming from the south, it intersects with various important roads, such as 150th Street, 145th Street, 142nd Street, Connemara Trail, Bonaire Path, and McAndrews Road. After intersecting with these roads, the State Route exits the city.

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