In this article, we shall be discussing at length the various road systems within the city of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. We believe that it is of utmost importance for you to know about the various roads within this city as it will lead to greater ease of access to the city of Inver Grove Heights, which consequently will lead to a much pleasant experience than usual. In this article we will organize the roads that we shall be listing into two greater groups, which will be further divided into smaller subclassifications, the first of these groups, the roads cataloged by the various highway systems, will be described first, these are the arteries of the city, and these include Interstate freeways, US Route highways, and finally, the smallest (although not in any way less important) of the bunch, State Route highways. After describing these three types of roads, we will move onto the second group of roads, the various paths not cataloged by the highway systems, these are the veins of the city of Inver Grove Heights, and they include things such as roads, drives, streets, avenues, and boulevards. Now, with all that explanation behind us, let me now describe to you each group of roads in detail, starting off with the first of the first group of roads, the Interstate freeways.

There seems to be only one Interstate freeway inside the administrative boundaries of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, and this is Interstate 494 (whose abbreviation is I-494). The road itself inside Inver Grove Heights goes through it quite quickly, coming from the neighboring town of South Saint Paul, and intersecting and forming an interchange with US Route 52, after that, it splits from its earlier concurrency with State Route 62, going southwest and exiting the city. The road is part of a greater sum of parts of roads, being a section of a great beltway surrounding the Twin Cities metropolis, all of which having the number 94 in them.

After that, there’s a US Route highway inside the city. This US Route is numbered 52, and it comes from the southern side of the city, in a concurrency with State Route 55, which occurred with the latter’s merge just south outside of the city. US Route 55 then continues into a generally northbound direction, intersecting with Concord Boulevard, and around Inver Hills Community College the route splits from its concurrency with State Route 55. The road then continues going northward, intersecting with 80th Street East, 70th Street East, Upper 55th Street East, and Interstate 494, and forming an interchange with all of these roads.

We will now move on to the last subcategory in the first category (that is, roads categorized as highways), which are State Routes, and Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, has two of these within its city limits. First of is State Route 55, which starts off inside the city within a concurrency with US Route 52, at around Inver Hills Community College, it splits from it and goes westward intersecting with another State Route, 33, as it does so, then it exits the city. The other State Route, State Route 33, starts in the western side of the city, giving access to areas bordering the neighboring town of Wescott. After intersecting with SR-55 and 70th Street West, it exits the city.

On the final greater category of roads, those that aren’t classified as highways in the various highway categorizations in the US, there’s Concord Boulevard, 80th Street East, 70th Street East, Upper 55th Street East, Barnes Avenue, Babcock Trail, and Cahill Avenue. I believe all this information is sufficient to inform you on the various roads within the city of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.

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