In this article, we shall be talking about the various roads within the city of Edina, Minnesota. Multiple roadways crisscross this city, and thus, in order to make the describing of these roads easier, we shall be separating them into two categories, which, in turn, will be separated into further subcategories. Now, the first category are those roads that are categorized as highways or freeways in the various highway systems within the United States, these include Interstate freeways, US Route Highways, and finally, the smallest of the bunch, although not in any way less important, State Route Highways. After we finish describing these roads to you, we shall move into the second category, which are roads that aren’t within any highway categorization system, these roads include your regular streets, boulevards, avenues, and drives. Now, without any more distractions, we shall now start with the second subcategory of the first category, which are US Route highways, this is due to the fact that there appears to be no major Interstate freeway going inside the city’s borders, and thus, we shall be skipping that one category. It appears that there are only two US Route highways within the area, one of them starts in the city. The name of these highways is US Route 169, which is a north-south or vice-versa route, and the latter, US Route 212, which has its eastern terminus within the city of Minnesota.

US Route 169 (or for those that wish for abbreviations, US 169), is a north-south (and vice-versa) road running along the western side of the city of Edina. The route starts off in the south, right after connecting and forming a clover interchange with Interstate 494. The route then continues northward, intersecting with various roads, such as Valley View Road, Bren Road, and Londonderry Road, but most important is its intersection and interchange with State Route 62, as well as the State Route’s concurrency with US Route 212. US Route 212 is a brief road within the city, as its terminus is within the city. It quickly exits alongside State Route 62 after forming an interchange with US Route 169.

We shall now move to the next subcategory within the first category, which are the roads that are classified as State Route Highways. And the city of Edina has two of these roads, which provide it easy north-south and east-west (and vice-versa) access throughout the city as they form a cross within it. First off is State Route 62 (also known as SR-62 if abbreviated), which gives you good left or right access through the city. The route intersects with various other roads, the major ones being Gleason Road, France Avenue, and most importantly, its intersection with State Route 100 just slightly east of the city center. State Route 100 is another State Route within the city of Edina, and it provides good north-south or south-north access to the city.

We shall now move onto the second category, roads that aren’t part of any highway classification. Major roads include Vernon/Gleason Avenue, Blake Road, Interlachen Boulevard, West 50th Street, France Avenue, and West 66th Street.

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