We shall be talking about the various road systems inside the city of Burnsville, Minnesota. We will talk about different kinds of roads, ranging from large Interstates to the smallest of streets. Now, without any hesitation, let me start with Interstate routes.

First on the list is Interstate 35, a very important road for the town, this is due to the fact that it brings traffic from other cities and towns, which gives Burnsville a working economy. The freeway slices Burnsville, Minnesota in half vertically when it splits from its split route of Interstate 35W (abbreviated as I-35W), which we shall discuss first.

Interstate 35W goes northbound and southbound, and is a very important road to Burnsville, as it gives easy access to the center of the city, not to mention as the many different places of interest near the center as well as next the road, the Interstate intersects with County Road 42 E, Burnsville Parkway, State Route 13, and Cliff Road as it continues on its path, after all of that, the Interstate exits the city at its northern border near the Minnesota River.

As for the other split of Interstate 35, which is Interstate 35E (abbreviated as I-35E), the route is not as important due to it barely going inside the borders of the city, however, if one is arriving from the east with this path, it becomes important as the freeway allows easy usage of interchanges into other roads that will allow you to access different sections of the city. This route intersects with County Road 11, and County Road 42 E, it also intersects with Cliff Road outside of Burnsville, as well as with State Route 77, all in neighboring Eagan.

State Route 13, along with County Road 42 E, provide easily accessible east to west travel inside the city. SR 13 allows you to access much of the northern parts of the town, it also intersects with Cliff Road, it also forms an interchange with Interstate 35W.

County Road 5 is another route you can use for north-south traveling, coming from the south as Kenwood Trail, it enters the town just a few hundred meters west of Buck Hill, it then goes northward, intersecting with County Road 42, as well as Burnsville Parkway, it then ends after intersecting with State Route 13.

Then there’s County Road 11, another north-south route, coming from the south from Isleton Trail in neighboring Lakeville, it is called Lac Lavlon Drive. It indirectly intersects with Interstate 35E with McAndrews Road, before truly intersecting with the freeway near E 134th St. It continues northward, going through the western edge of Terrace Oaks West Park. It ends when it intersects with State Route 13.

Concluding that section regarding roads (those that are regarded as highways in the various road classifications), we will now begin the explanation of the various roads inside the city of Burnsville, Minnesota that aren’t regarded as highways, now, without further ado, let me explain to you these roads aptly.

Burnsville Parkway, and its eastern parts (E Burnsville Parkway), it allows for quick and hassle-free travel west to east, and vice versa. Coming from County Road 42, it goes slightly northeast, intersecting with County Road 5, and Interstate 35W. Past I-35W, it is called E Burnsville Parkway and goes in a curved eastward path. After intersecting with County Road 11, it goes on for a few kilometers before exiting the town’s administrative borders.  Then there’s Cliff Road, which comes from Interstate 35W. It goes east, intersecting State Route 13 before exiting the town.

I hope that you have been informed properly on the various road systems within the city of Burnsville, Minnesota.

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