Are you looking to upgrade your office printer? Look no further than the HP MFP M477! In this comprehensive review, we will cover everything you need to know about this multifunction printer. From its detailed specifications and features to its design and build quality, this review will give you a complete overview of the printer. We will also dive into the printer’s performance, including its print speed and quality as well as scanning and copying capabilities. Usability and connectivity are also key factors that we will discuss, including user interface and network and mobile connectivity. Additionally, cost efficiency is an important consideration, so we’ll explore toner yield and replacement as well as power consumption. To top it all off, we’ll compare the HP MFP M477 against similar models from Dell and Epson and provide insight into customer satisfaction through reviews. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through a comprehensive review of the HP MFP M477.

Detailed Overview of HP MFP M477

The HP MFP M477 impresses with its high-speed printing and advanced color laserjet technology, delivering professional-grade printing, scanning, and copying. Its integrated high yield toner cartridge ensures cost-effective printing, while the laserjet pro technology guarantees high-quality, reliable results. Designed for efficient workflow optimization, this HP color laserjet pro MFP excels in meeting diverse printing, scanning, and copying needs. The HP color laserjet pro MFP combines speed and quality, making it a top choice for business and personal use.

Specifications and Features

With printing speeds of up to 28 ppm, the HP MFP M477fdw ensures rapid, high-quality prints, while its automatic duplex printing feature enhances efficiency and saves paper. This color laserjet pro mfp delivers vibrant, sharp, and professional color prints. The adf feature enables seamless, high-speed scanning and copying of multiple documents, and the email printing feature allows for easy, wireless printing directly from email, catering to modern printing needs.

Design and Build Quality

The HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477 features a sleek and compact design, ideal for small office spaces. Its durable build guarantees reliability and high-quality printing, while the user-friendly browser interface simplifies printing, scanning, and copying tasks. Additionally, the high-yield toner cartridge minimizes maintenance, reducing downtime. With the added USB printing feature, direct and convenient printing from USB storage devices is made possible. The printer’s design and build quality ensure seamless functionality and efficient operation, catering to modern office requirements.

Performance Review

The HP MFP M477fdw impresses with its exceptional color laserjet pro mfp capabilities, ensuring top-notch printing, scanning, and copying performance. With printing speeds of up to 28 ppm, it guarantees efficient, high-quality output. Utilizing laserjet pro technology, the printer consistently delivers impressive, reliable results. Its high yield toner cartridge supports cost-efficient, high-volume printing, while the adf feature enables high-speed, hassle-free scanning and copying, enhancing overall productivity.

Print Quality and Speed

Achieving professional, vibrant color prints, the HP MFP M477fdw excels in high-resolution color laserjet printing. With printing speeds of up to 28 ppm, it ensures fast, efficient printing without compromising quality. The high yield toner cartridge supports high-volume printing needs, ensuring consistent, high-quality output. Additionally, the automatic duplex printing feature enhances printing efficiency and reduces paper usage, while the color laserjet pro mfp technology ensures sharp, clear, and professional printing results.

Scanning and Copying Performance

The color laserjet pro mfp technology of the HP MFP M477fdw ensures precise and high-quality scanning and copying results, optimizing productivity for users. With its adf feature, the printer facilitates efficient high-speed scanning and copying tasks, enhancing overall performance. Additionally, the printer supports multiple document formats, offering flexible and seamless solutions for scanning and copying needs. Users can rely on the consistent high-resolution output delivered by the color laserjet pro mfp technology, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Usability and Connectivity

The HP MFP M477fdw features an intuitive interface, streamlining printing, scanning, and copying tasks with ease. It offers seamless network and mobile connectivity, catering to diverse modern workflow needs. Equipped with color laserjet pro mfp technology, it ensures high-quality output. The NFC printing feature enables convenient wireless printing for various requirements, while the browser interface provides easy access to all functionalities, enhancing usability.

User Interface

Effortless printer operation is ensured by the modern, intuitive, browser-based user interface of the HP MFP M477fdw. Users can easily monitor the high yield toner cartridge status through the printer’s user-friendly interface, enhancing convenience. With color laserjet pro mfp technology, the printer offers simplified and efficient control. Its adf feature provides intuitive, user-friendly scanning and copying functionalities, enhancing ease of use. The interface drives seamless, high-quality printing, scanning, and copying, making the overall experience intuitive and user-friendly.

Network and Mobile Connectivity

Seamless, high-speed printing, scanning, and copying are supported by the HP MFP M477fdw through network and mobile connectivity. The printer’s nfc printing feature allows for easy, wireless printing, enhancing accessibility and convenience. Additionally, the color laserjet pro mfp technology ensures reliable printing, scanning, and copying accessible via network and mobile connectivity. The browser interface promotes intuitive access to printing, scanning, and copying functionalities, providing a seamless network and mobile printing experience.

Cost Efficiency

The HP MFP M477fdw’s high yield toner cartridges ensure cost-effective, high-volume printing solutions. Its automatic duplex printing feature reduces paper consumption, promoting sustainable printing practices. The color laserjet pro MFP technology guarantees reliable printing, minimizing wastage. With printing speeds of up to 28 ppm, this printer optimizes efficiency, contributing to overall cost savings. The adf feature facilitates high-speed scanning and copying, enhancing productivity and cost efficiency.

Toner Yield and Replacement

The HP MFP M477 ensures long-lasting printing performance with its toner yield, while the easy toner replacement process reduces printing downtime. The high yield toner cartridges offer cost-effective printing solutions, complemented by the automatic toner monitoring system for efficient toner management. Moreover, the printer provides toner replacement reminders to maintain printing productivity. With HP color laserjet pro mfp technology incorporated into its design, the printer’s toner yield and replacement features align seamlessly with modern printing requirements.

Power Consumption

The HP MFP M477 demonstrates exceptional energy efficiency with its low power consumption, exemplifying sustainable printing practices. Its automatic sleep mode effectively minimizes power usage during periods of inactivity, contributing to overall energy savings. As an Energy Star qualified device, it ensures high printing efficiency while consuming minimal power. Additionally, the printer’s power-saving features significantly reduce its environmental impact. Moreover, the high printing speed not only minimizes overall printing time but also optimizes power usage, aligning with the printer’s energy-efficient design.

Comparisons with Similar Models

When comparing HP MFP M477 with the Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H825cdw, it’s evident that the HP color laserjet pro mfp excels in print speed and network connectivity. On the other hand, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6590 stands out with its cost-effective printing solutions and scanning performance. Both the hp color laserjet and the HP MFP M477 offer efficient toner management, making them suitable choices for office environments requiring high-quality printing.

HP MFP M477 vs Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H825cdw

When comparing the HP MFP M477 with the Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H825cdw, it’s evident that the HP MFP M477 offers faster printing speed. Additionally, it provides superior print quality and color accuracy. The lack of NFC printing in the Dell printer, a feature present in the HP MFP M477, sets them apart. Furthermore, the HP MFP M477 boasts higher ppm, ensuring enhanced printing productivity and lower operational costs due to its lower power consumption.

HP MFP M477 vs Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6590

When comparing the HP MFP M477 with the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6590, it’s evident that the former offers advanced mobile printing capabilities, a feature not present in the Epson model. Additionally, the HP MFP M477 boasts a color touchscreen, enhancing the user experience, which is lacking in the Epson printer. Moreover, the HP MFP M477 supports email printing, enabling seamless printing from any location. Unlike the Epson printer, the HP MFP M477 also offers automatic double-sided printing, reducing paper usage. Lastly, the HP MFP M477 provides higher toner yield, minimizing the frequency of toner replacements, unlike the Epson printer.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

When it comes to customer satisfaction and reviews, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477 has received commendation for its efficient performance and user-friendly interface. Customers appreciate the vibrant color output and the swift printing speed of the HP Color LaserJet. Additionally, its seamless network and mobile connectivity have been positively acknowledged. Overall, the feedback reflects a high level of satisfaction with the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477, making it a popular choice in the market.

What do customers say about HP MFP M477?

Customers have praised the HP MFP M477 for its impressive printing speed and high-quality color laserjet output. They appreciate the printer’s user-friendly interface and easy setup process. Additionally, customers commend its reliable wireless printing capabilities and robust security features for data protection. The printer’s high-yield toner has also received positive feedback for reducing printing costs.


To sum up, the HP MFP M477 is a reliable and efficient multifunction printer that offers impressive performance and versatility. With its advanced features and high-quality output, it is suitable for both personal and professional use. The compact design and user-friendly interface make it easy to operate and navigate through various functions. Additionally, its cost efficiency, including long-lasting toner yield and low power consumption, adds to its appeal. When compared to similar models like the Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H825cdw and Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6590, the HP MFP M477 stands out in terms of performance and customer satisfaction. Overall, this comprehensive review highlights the strengths and benefits of the HP MFP M477 and why it is a worthwhile investment.