HP LaserJet M525 MFP

Great Small Office and Workgropup MFPs

HP has some great MFP devices for small office or workgroups of 2-5 users.  With fast print speeds, plus copying, and built in scan-to-file ability, these units pack a good value into a space saving option for your office.  You can save some money buying the previous generation, if you don’t need the latest features.  Get free repairs when you buy PeakToner, and even get an MFP for free when you buy 4 toners!

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  • Great multifunction devices designed for groups of 2-5 users

  • The newer MFPs are slightly faster but more expensive

  • Previous generation MFPs carry many of the same features, but save you lots of money

  • Buy PeakToner brand toners from IOT and get free repair and service on these MFPs

  • Features a large display and an optional pull out keyboard

  • Keyboard is great for scan-to-file functionality

  • Get the HP LaserJet Enterprise M525 MFP for free when you buy 4 toner cartridges

We’re talking about some of the latest offerings that HP has out there with their small desktop MFPs. And today, we’d like to talk about the M527. This is an interesting machine. This is really born out of the M30, 35 series that came out about 12, 15 years ago. And basically, this is really designed for probably 12, I’m sorry, two to five users in two to five user group or office environment. Designed to really sit on a corner, desktop a or a table somewhere. It can be networked.

For the most part, I’m just going to rattle off some of the specs. We don’t sell, just so you know, we don’t sell anything new. The joys of the Internet, you can actually get this new off the Internet at a better price than what we can get it for, so we steer our customers towards that. What we strive for is the service element. And then we bring them value on some of the used pieces as well because they can be obtained a lot cheaper. And then backed with our service, it’s actually a better proposition in most cases than buying new.

Let’s break down the specs on this new model. We’ll go into some used options. And then if you have any questions, feel free to call or email us and Sarah or Courtney will be more than happy to help you out. This just came out this year, retails for around $1,800. Get online, you’re probably going to be able to pick it up between 1600 and $1,800. It’s 45 pages per minute, which is pretty fast. Scan speed is around 43. Copy speeds around 43. First page out is 5.7 seconds again, it’s pretty fast. And the toner yield on this is 18,000 pages.

Retails from hp.com for around $320 bucks. My guess is you can find it out there for 289 a to $320. We should have this cartridge, I believe are our price point is going to be in that the 289 to 295 area. But the upside of buying this cartridge from us, our peak brand, if you will, is we’re all maintenance and service for free, and parts are free, service is free. Everything’s taken care of for that price point. So your cost per pages around 1.8 cents a page, that’s something to pay attention to as we go into these other models. Hopefully, that will give you some insight.

Now, what’s neat about this is it’s got this big display and an optional pull-out keyboard. Now, the reason that’s important is in the office environment today, more people are scanning things to email. And so it’s a lot easier to pull up the keyboard, typing the email real quick or the file where it goes. If you’re doing a lot of that, that an optional keyboard is a must-have. I can’t say enough about that. That’s a good machine. It’s got USB, scan to print, stapler. Kind of the basic accessories of what most machines are out there.
An alternative to this machine is the M525 and it came out in 2012. Now, don’t be put off by that. I mean, that’s over six years ago, but as you’ll see mechanically, it’s the same machine. It’s 42 pages a minute, scan speed is 44, copy speed is 42. Now, what HP and other manufacturers do is they’ll come out with a machine, they may change the toner yield a little bit, they may change a few gears, but for the most part, mechanically, it’s pretty much identical.

Now, the processor’s going to be different and that’s going to come into play as we see here in a little bit. The page yield’s going to be different. That’s going to come into play as your cost per page per se. But there’s some interesting stuff. The touchscreen is the same, not the same but it’s similar. And then it also has a pull-out keyboard as well if you desire that. But here’s where things kind of come into play. It’s duo cycles, a little bit lower. It’s only 6,000 pages versus 7,500.

You can buy this retail from us for 13 or we have a deal where if you buy four toner cartridges you get the machine for free. And what’s nice about again about our toner cartridges is everything is covered and complete warranty on it. So you’ll get anywhere from a year to four years out of the toner cartridge yield if you will. So it depends on how quickly you go through your toner. Four toner cartridges as a $1,052, they’re $263 and some change each. This might be a good option for you.

Again, it’s a little bit slower first page out and it’s going to have different processor per se. But mechanically, I would say it’s pretty much the same machine. Then it’s actually just a newer machine, but it’s got a few little bit of a downgrade. You can see it doesn’t have as robust of a scanner in copier, if you will, as the predecessor. But this is a very economical machine. It’s 42 pages per minute. Uses the same toner as this machine right here. So your cost per page is around two cents a page. Again, first page out as 8.7 seconds. It’s a little bit slower in the scan speed. So that’s the mechanics of the scanner is a little bit slower, however, the copy is 40 pages per minute. So between the processor and the mechanics of the scanner, that’s where this one’s a little different.

You can get this for three cartridges. I believe the total at $263 each comes to $789, gets you this model. Mechanically it’s great. So if you don’t need all the robust features of the touchscreen and the keyboard in just the basic copier printer, again, probably two to 5% workgroup.

These two would be great. And again, this one here is fine. You just kind of get the latest and greatest. So I hope that helps you out.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact either Sarah or Courtney here at area code 651-452-5630, and there’ll be more than happy to answer questions on that. We have these in stock, we can get them to you in a very quick turnaround, probably at 48 to 72 hours. So thanks.

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