How much does it cost to have a Canon copier lease , and what is included in the lease agreement?

Canon copier lease prices range from $100 to $500 monthly, depending on model and lease duration. This includes toner replacement, maintenance, and repairs. Our blog post covers leasing options for small businesses and provides insights into Canon’s MFC printers, imageCLASS series, and more. We’ll also help you decide between leasing or buying and answer frequently asked questions about service contracts. Our goal is to help boost your office efficiency with a Canon copier lease solution that fits your business needs.

Canon Copiers for Small Businesses

Canon copiers are great for businesses. They print fast and have security features. They also scan and print color. Canon copiers are easy to use. You can get next-day service contracts and technology investments. This makes them the best option for small businesses to increase efficiency in the office.

Why Choose Canon?

Canon copiers are great for businesses because of their excellent customer service, toner cartridges, and service contracts. Installing them is easy and they provide convenient desktop printing. With Canon copier lease contracts, you get insurance coverage, financing options, and dedicated service. These copiers have advanced features like fast print speed, high dpi resolution, efficient workflow, and scanning capabilities. The imagePRESS Lite, imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series, and multifunction printers provide fast printing speeds with enhanced security features.

Essential Features for Small Businesses

Canon copier lease solutions help small businesses increase office productivity. The imagerunner advance dx series offers fast printing and security features that meet business needs. With next-day service and mobile device printing, these leases are a great choice. Full-color printing is also included.

Leasing vs Buying Canon Copiers

Boost Your Office Efficiency with Canon Copier Lease Solutions. If you’re thinking about getting a Canon copier, you have two choices: lease or buy. Leasing is easy and comes with quick service but can be more expensive. Purchasing might be cheaper, but installation and financing can also be difficult to manage. Weighing the pros and cons of each option is crucial before making a decision.

Understanding Lease Contracts for Canon Copiers

To improve office efficiency, businesses can lease Canon copiers. These leases include fast printing tech and service contracts. They also have toner and multifunction printer capabilities. These leases help keep businesses running smoothly and cater to different needs. Sterling Business Systems is a company that provides this service.

Pros and Cons of Leasing Canon Copiers

Leasing Canon copiers offers next-day service, fast printing technology, and insurance coverage for office equipment needs. However, cons include purchase price, toner cartridges, and a need for a detailed understanding of security features.

Detailed Analysis of Canon MFC Printers

Are you looking for a way to increase productivity in your office? Canon copier lease solutions can help! Their color multifunction printers are speedy, reliable, and flexible, making them perfect for any business. If you’re in need of a user-friendly black and white printer that’s great for desktop printing, Canon has you covered. Insurance companies and other offices will appreciate the ease of use and reliability of these devices.

Canon Color MFC Printers

Canon’s color printers are fast and meet various business needs. They have security features and come in full color with high ppm. These printers are great for any office. Sterling Business Systems in NY can provide more information on current options.

Canon MFC Black & White Printers

To improve office work, Canon’s black & white printers have fast ppm, info security measures and NY service. Sterling Business Systems is a provider, ensuring the best performance for businesses.

Exploring Canon’s Enterprise Multifunction Printers (MFPs)

In NY, businesses can benefit from Canon’s Enterprise Multifunction Printers (MFPs). These MFPs offer high performance and support a wide range of paper sizes. They also have impressive ppm speeds for optimum productivity and essential info.

Canon Printer Output

Canon’s high-quality, fast printing services accommodate various paper sizes, supported by the Canon printer lease. This includes customer service and fast printing technology, security features, and multifunction capabilities for business needs.

Paper Sizes and Canon Printer Lease

To boost office efficiency, consider leasing a Canon copier. You can get installation, service contracts, and insurance coverage. The printer paper trays have different sizes to fit business needs and mobile devices. With service contracts, toner cartridges, ink, and accessories are covered. Canon lease contracts offer finance, purchase price, and paper tray options.

Product Insights on Canon imageCLASS Series

Canon’s imageCLASS series offers fast color printing, security and workflow tech, and multifunction options. Boost your office efficiency with Canon copier leasing, toner support, and desktop imaging solutions. Find the latest office technology for better business systems.

Color imageCLASS MF652Cw – Multifunction, Wireless Laser Printer

Want to improve office printing? Try the color imageCLASS MF652Cw printer. It’s fast, secure, and prints in full-color. Plus, it offers scanning and fax services. You can easily use it and get next-day service. This printer will also enhance your workflow with its excellent features.

Canon Copier Lease Solutions can help boost office efficiency with the imageCLASS X MF1333c printer. This printer has duplex and fast color printing, along with multifunction features and imagepress lite technology. It also includes full color imaging, scanning, and security for office equipment. The printer comes with paper trays, toner cartridges, and comprehensive customer service contracts. You can lease this printer and enjoy installation, service contracts, and insurance needs covered.

imageCLASS X LBP1333c

Canon Copier Lease Solutions can help boost office efficiency. One of their printers, the imageCLASS X LBP1333c, offers fast and secure full-color printing. It supports various paper trays and toner cartridges for ease of use. The printer also comes with fast printing and scanning capabilities. Additionally, customer service and installation site setup are included in the lease contracts.

imageCLASS X LBP1861

Boosting office efficiency is easy with Canon copier lease solutions. The imageCLASS X LBP1861 printer provides fast and secure printing in color or black and white. It is easy to use, with multiple paper trays and toner cartridges. Its multifunctional features save time. The lease includes customer service, installation site setup, purchase price, financing options, and next business day service. Simply ask about a Canon copier lease to get started today!

imageCLASS MF273dw – Multifunction, Wireless, Duplex Laser Printer

Canon copier lease solutions can help you boost office efficiency. The imageCLASS MF273dw printer, equipped with multifunction capabilities, offers wireless and duplex printing. It has fast and easy printing and scanning technology supported by Canon’s imagepress lite technology. Lease contracts come with flexible financing options and next business day service. Call us today to ask about a canon copier lease.

Emphasis on Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX Series

Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series offers fast printing, full color, and security features, along with multifunction printer capabilities, toner cartridges, and copier lease services. Supporting workflow, scanning, and easy-to-use customer service contracts, the series also covers next business day service, installation site setup, and insurance company needs.


To improve office efficiency, you can lease the imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 4925i printer. It has many paper trays and mobile device compatibility. This printer is also fast and can print in color. By leasing it, you’ll get quick printing technology and good customer service. Plus, if you’re in NY, you’ll even get next business day service.


Increase your office productivity with Canon Copier Lease Solutions. Utilize the easy-to-use interface for quick setup and efficient workflow. Enjoy fast printing and scanning, ensuring swift operations. Trust the advanced safety features and imagePRESS Lite technology for high-quality prints. Use mobile devices to print and scan to experience the convenience of this solution.


For businesses with diverse paper needs, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 4945i printer is a great option. It has many paper trays and can print and scan in color. Canon’s next-day support also guarantees operations run smoothly. There are investment options available and dedicated customer service for added convenience.

Deeper Dive into Leasing Canon Multifunction Printers

Canon offers cost-effective leasing options for its multifunction printers with high dpi resolution. The lease covers setup, accessories, and service contracts. Financing is also available, making it a good choice for NY businesses. This lease service ensures efficient printing at a low ppm.

Benefits of Leasing Canon Multifunction Printers/Copiers

Leasing a Canon copier lets you use new technology and pay for it over time. The lease also includes accessories and setup, ensuring quick printing with double-sided printing.

Five Things You Should Know About Office Printer Management

To enhance office efficiency, use a multifunction printer lease service for quick printing and email scanning. Also, check out the features of scanning, full-color printing, and next-day servicing from your current provider.

Spotlights on Canon’s Lease Service

Canon Copier Lease Solutions can boost office efficiency. Canon offers color inkjet printer and imagerunner advance dx lease services. With mobile printing capabilities, their multifunction printer lease includes imageprograf and inkjet leasing options.

Service Contract Term

Boost Your Office’s Efficiency with Canon Copier Lease Solutions. If you’re considering leasing a canon copier or multifunction printer, the provider offers different service contracts for your office needs. Sterling Business Systems in NY provides useful information on PPM and next business day service contracts. Check if you qualify today for a canon copier lease.

What is Covered – General

Canon copier lease solutions can help boost office efficiency. With their service contracts, toner cartridges and imaging accessories are covered. You can also get inkjet cartridges, printer setup, and financing to support your business systems.

Additional Benefits Included in Your Plan

Get more benefits with our leasing service for multifunction printers. We customize our plans for insurance, HP, and scanning needs. Our service contracts cover Canon color toner cartridges and Xerox printer leasing to suit your business. You’ll enjoy convenience and efficiency with our comprehensive plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canon Copier Leasing

Boost office productivity with Canon copier lease solutions. You can lease a multifunction printer for 1 to 5 years. These printers can scan, print, and copy documents. Your current provider can give you desktop email scanners. The installation site for leasing depends on the printer model’s specifications. You can also lease inkjet cartridges from your current provider.

How is Canon’s Customer Service for Leased Products?

Boost Your Office Efficiency with Canon’s Copier Lease Solutions. Canon’s customer service is excellent for leased products. They ensure minimum downtime by having next business day service. Their contract options cater to various business needs, providing peace of mind. You can rely on Canon for fast and efficient customer service that promptly addresses any issues. Plus, they make setting up and installing leased products a breeze. You can also purchase a service contract to keep your printer or copier covered.

Why are Canon Copiers Best Suited for Small Businesses?

Are you looking to improve your office efficiency? Canon copiers are a good option for small businesses. They print quickly, saving time. They also come with security features to protect sensitive information. Canon copiers are versatile and can meet a variety of business needs. Even if you have limited space, their compact imagepress lite copier is an ideal choice. Moreover, Canon copiers produce high-quality materials with vibrant colors that make your documents stand out.


In conclusion, Canon copiers and printers are essential tools for businesses when it comes to printing documents. Whether you choose the Canon Color MFC Printers, the imageCLASS series, or the imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series, Canon offers a wide range of options to meet the needs of small businesses and enterprise-level organizations. Leasing a Canon copier can be a cost-effective solution, providing flexibility and access to the latest technology. Plus, with Canon’s lease service, you’ll receive comprehensive support and additional benefits included in your plan. If you have any questions or need assistance with Canon copier leasing, our customer service team is here to help. Contact us today and discover why Canon copiers are best suited for your business.