Comparison Canon ImageRunner Advance 4235 HP LaserJet M4555 and M525

Save Money If You Choose HP LaserJet Copiers from IOT

We review copiers that can be beneficial for offices needing documents with three-hole punching or into booklet making. HP LaserJet M4555 and HP LaserJet M525 MFP can save you money. Performance wise, it is much faster thus it can produce more in a small amount of time. You can avail of the machine for free if you buy cartridges from IOT.

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  • What copier to choose if you need to have documents needed for three-hole punching or booklet making.

  • Canon imageRunner Advance series came out 2013 particularly 4235.

  • Canon imageRunner Advance 4235 contemporary is the 4535i (2017 release). The difference is noticeable.

  • HP LaserJet M4555 and HP LaserJet M525 MFP have similar output with Canon imageRunner Advance 4235 and 4535i.

  • HP copiers yields 55 pages per minute comparend to Canon’s 35 pages per minute.

  • IOT Solutions service both Canon and HP copiers.

Hi. My name is Bob Brennan. I’m with Internal Office Technologies and I’m here today to talk to you about different lines of copiers that are currently out there.

I’m gonna start with the Canon line, which we can get a couple of different models. The reason you would choose these particular copiers over some of the others I’m talking about is they have 11×17, and then they have extensive finish capabilities. So if your office needs things like three-hole punches and booklet making and then extensive amounts of paper supply, if you will, these are gonna be some of the models you would consider.

This is the imageRUNNER ADVANCE line. It came out in 2013. It starts with the 4200 series.

The series we’re gonna talk about is the 4235. Again, it came out in 2013. One of its contemporaries is the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4535, and that’s the 35i. So it’s 4535i. This came out in 2017.

Its current contemporary is the 4535i II. Very similar machines. Really the only difference is the backend’s soft where the Canon has … One works with it and one doesn’t.

So let’s go through some of the specs here real quick and hopefully this’ll help you out.

The 4235 that came out in 2013 does 35 pages a minute print speed, 51 pages per minute scan, and 35 pages per minute copy.

Its 2017 version does 35 per minute print, 70 pages per minute scanning, and then it’s 35 pages per minute to copy.

First page out is about the same: 3.8 seconds.

Toner yield’s a different in that the 2013 gets a little over 30,000 pages and the 2017 gets 42,000.

The touchscreen on the 4235 is an 8-inch touchscreen, and it does have an optional keyboard that you can get, whereas the 2017 has a 10-inch touchscreen with the optional keyboard as well.

And then, again, some of the same standard features as it relates to scanning to folder, scanning to cloud, and so forth.

So these retail … The 4235 ADVANCE probably retails for around $2,500. The ADVANCE 4535 retails for probably $4,200 to $4,500, so just a little bit more, but mechanically they’re identical.

So if you need 11×17, if you need extensive finishing options like mailboxes and booklets and booklet making and three-hole punches—things of that sort—these are the machines I would consider for their price point.

Now let’s jump to an HP version of this, which is gonna be considerably less.

We’ll start out with the 4555. This is an interesting machine. I believe it came out around the same time as the 4200 series.

You can see standard it comes with some small mailbox capabilities, smaller touchscreen capability, some variances on the paper trays.

You will just get this upper half for the price points we’re talking about. We can get these trays as an option, but you just get that upper half so it would just sit on a desktop or a central table.

What’s nice about the HPs is there’s a lot of people that service them. We service both the Canon and the HP here in the Twin Cities. When you get into proprietary copiers sometimes that can be not good in that you’re kind of stuck with the service organization for various reasons.

Let’s break down the main specs on this machine and see how it nets out.

Its print speed’s a little bit faster; it’s 55 page as minute. Its copy’s at 55, its scan’s at 57 black and white, 42 at color.

First page out is 8.5 seconds, which is little slower than the Canons.

It’s got a lot of the same resolution.

Excuse me.

What it won’t have is some of the software that the Canon has, but instead it has its HP version of it.

Great machine. You can get this from us used when you buy eight cartridges, so it nets out to about $2,300. As long as you use those cartridges over the course of let’s say two years you’re completely covered for everything, all services calls, all maintenance and so forth. That’s our Peak Toner program.

And so this might be a great option for you. Little bit cheaper than the Canons, but cost per page I think to operate totally is pretty reasonable. Canons are probably around the 1.5 to 1.8 cent per page with around a 3,000 to 4,000 page-per-month usage, if you will.

And then other alternative, and this is a lot less expensive, but it has some pretty respectable specs, if you will, is the HP M500 series.

In this case it’s the M525. It’s got a nice big screen interface, probably around that 8-inch area there.

The specs kind of break down at this level as it relates to output.

Black and white it does 42 pages a minute.

First page out is as fast as 8.5 seconds.

The scan speed, copy speed … I should say copy speed … is 42 pages per minute. Scan is gonna be the same: in that 42 range for black and white; basically 44 for black and white and then color’s around 32.

So this is a great machine you can pick up from us for $1,050. And again, this is a situation I think where you have to buy four cartridges from us and we take care of the machine. As long as you use our cartridges you get the machine for free. Total comes out to $1,050.

Great little machine. We have a lot of these in stock and we move a lot of them, so …

IF you have any questions feel free to call Courtney or Sarah at area code 651 452 5630. They’ll be more than happy to help you out and get you the information and right-size you or find out what the right device is for your office. Again, you can reach them here in the Twin Cities: 651 452 5630.

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