HP LaserJet M4555

Save Thousands Of Dollars By Choosing A Used HP M4555 MFP For Your Office

If your office is looking to move into a new copier, consider getting a used Canon copier or a used HP LaserJet MFP to save some money.  The Canon copiers are great if you need 11×17 inch printing and copying.  If you do not need the larger paper size capability, you can get a really good deal on an HP unit for your office.

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  • Most offices do not need the high end features on a Canon imageRunner

  • Many times a used HP LaserJet M4555 MFP can handle all your business needs

  • Choosing an HP M4555 MFP can replace your Canon copier and save money

  • If you use 11×17 inch paper then you need to choose the Canon copier

  • The HP MFP devices cost much less but lack some of the top end features found on the larger Canon copiers

  • Buy PeakToner from IOT and get free service and repair on your HP MFP

  • Buy 4 PeakToner brand cartridges and get the HP LaserJet M4555 for free

My name is Bob Brennan. I’m with International Office Technologies here in Eagan, Minnesota, serving the seven county area all throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul.

And this little video here is to talk about the Canon ImageRUNNER Advance series. The first one that came out is 2013. Their current line is actually the Canon ImageRUNNER Advance 4525i II. And we’ll talk about that in another video. But these are just comparing these two. This video’s comparing these two videos … or I’m sorry, these two copiers.

So basically, everything was very similar except price, obviously. And as we get down to the toner yield, you get a little bit higher toner yield with the 4525 Advance and then cost per operation is the same. This is just for the toner, so there’s no service.
Where these machines vary quite a bit is the touch screen option is a little bit bigger with the 4525 and it has probably more sophisticated backend software for some of Canon’s scan to a cloud, scan to folder, that’s a little more secure, a little more update if you will.

And I think that’s important for offices that need that level of technology. However, I would say most offices don’t. And you can save quite a bit of money. So this machine out here with a low page count, let’s say between 150 to 300,000 copies is a good alternative. You can pick this up from us anywhere from 2,800 to 3,500 depending on what options you’d want. And we have those used. And then our service agreement or service per page is an additional … anywhere from a half cent to a full cent a page, depending on your volume. The higher the volume, the lower cost per pages on that.

So these are two great machines. Now I’m gonna take it to another level and offer a different machine for these two. This is the HP4555. Now this came out, I believe, in 2013, 2014, right in there. It’s a great machine that a lot of our clients use. And the reason it fits them so nicely is it has enough features and options to really meet their needs. If we go out back to the other machines, they’re great machines but they do 11 by 17. This does not.

And so that’s why this machine is a little bit less, because the supplies needed and the components needed for it to operate or substantially less. So this does 55 pages a minute. So it’s almost … well it is … More than twice as fast. It has a lot of great features in terms of scan speeds and things like that. And probably the reason it isn’t, and again, quite as expensive as the other ones is it’s not that 11×17. So first page out it’s a little bit slower, it’s around nine point five versus five point two. Its cost to operate is going to be a little bit higher. Now this includes our service program. So you’re probably at … Overall, it is cheaper if you’re just to buy the toner, you’re around the same price as the Canons. But because there’s less service to maintain, its service fee for a bundled, take care of everything deal is one point two cents a page as opposed to one point five or higher.

So this is again a great machine and what’s nice about HP’s is there’s a lot of service companies that service those, the challenge with Canon is you’re limited to whoever an authorized Canon dealer is in that market.
So the cost on this used from us is probably right around $2,400. We do have a program where if you buy, I believe it’s four cartridges, you get the machine for free. And that covers everything, service and maintenance as long as you’re using our toner. That’s the M4555. And it comes in a couple different configurations, as you can see here.

So if you have any questions on any of our programs or what we have for offerings for used machines … we have used Canons. We have used HP’s, but these HP’s are really slick for a lot of our customers. And the Canons are, again, great machines. They’re just … that 11×17, if you need that, then this is the direction you’ll wanna go.

We can get these for anywhere in that $2,500 to $3,400 price range. We’re just starting to get these … I think these are, again, going to be 39 to $4,800 range, depending on how you want to get it configured.

So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to either Courtney, Sarah, or Rusty at area code (651) 452-5630. Thanks.

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