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Canon imageRunner Advance

  • C5200 Series Copiers
  • Business Class Copiers
  • FULL COLOR Copiers
  • Print – Copy – Fax – Scan
  • Monthly Rental & Lease Available
  • Auto Duplex Scanning (2 Sided)
  • 4 Paper Trays (5,000 Sheets)
  • Full Color 8.4 Inch Display
  • Stapler and Finishing Options

All For $189 Per Month!

  •  Network Installation
  • NO Complicated Contracts
  • INCLUDES Toner Cartridges
  • INCLUDES Ongoing Service & Repair
  • INCLUDES Maintenance Kits
  •  Recycling Of Old Copier
  •  Payment Due At Delivery
  • Test Drive With A Free Demo with qualified credit application.

All Inclusive Monthly Rental Program For Just $69 Per Month

Business Class Copiers That Are Great For Everyday Office Use

We’ve got a great new copier monthly rental program to help you get setup with some new Canon copiers for your office. Check out our new $69 per month, all-inclusive package! For one simple payment, you get a turn-key solution. Includes monthly toner, service, repair, and maintenance for $69 per month! Offer void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted. This offer is only valid for Canon USA business class copiers that are great for everyday office use, available at the Canon online store.

Guaranteed Copier Lease Financing

Whether you’ve been around before the internet, or if you just started your company last month – we’ve got guaranteed copier financing for any business with our all-inclusive copier program at $69 per month. Monthly Canon copier leasing is essential for a business in need of printing, copying, scanning and faxing services. All of your Canon copier needs are taken care of with our monthly leasing program that includes free metro delivery & install, ink cartridges, maintenance kits, ongoing service & repair, and free recycling of old paper. Skip the confusing contracts, complicated paperwork, and invasive applications. Take advantage of our Canon copiers program today!

Learn More About the Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5200 Series Copier

The Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5200 series is a high-performance copier that is suitable for office and workgroup usage. In a concise video, Courtney Carlson, our resident copier expert, provides an overview of the machine’s robust features and functions. Its workload capacity makes it capable of handling large jobs with ease, making it an ideal option for businesses in need of high-quality printing solutions.

IOT Solutions offers monthly rentals of the Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5200 and C5500 series in Minneapolis and St Paul areas, making it accessible to businesses looking to streamline their workflow and improve productivity in the workplace. The copier’s advanced technology and reliable performance make it a valuable asset for any office environment. With its ability to handle various paper sizes and types, automatic duplexing, and customizable user interface, this copier can meet all your printing needs efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the imageRUNNER Advance C5200 series offers a scan speed of up to 270 ipm (300 dpi) for both black and white and color, making it a top choice for high-volume multifunction printing.

Learn More About the Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5500i Series Copier

The Canon Imagerunner Advance c5550i series is a top choice among customers due to its numerous features. Its high-speed printing capabilities, customizable user interface, and advanced security features are just a few of the many reasons why businesses choose this desktop printer. The series also offers mobile printing options, cloud connectivity, and easy integration with other software applications to streamline workflow processes. One of its most attractive features is its energy-efficient design and low carbon footprint, making it an environmentally conscious choice for companies looking to reduce their ecological impact while still meeting their printing needs. With so many advanced features and options available, it’s no wonder the Canon Imagerunner Advance c5550i series is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

The Canon copier imagerunner Advance c5550i is a highly sought-after option in the legal industry, thanks to its advanced features and efficient performance. It is particularly well-suited for busy law firms as it can handle high-volume printing and scanning tasks with ease. The c5550i also offers enhanced security features like user authentication and data encryption that are crucial for safeguarding sensitive legal documents.

Furthermore, the copier’s user-friendly interface and customizable settings make it easy to use for both lawyers and support staff. Its intuitive design allows users to quickly access frequently used functions, while its large LCD touch screen display provides clear and concise instructions on how to operate the machine. With its exceptional speed, reliability, and functionality, the Canon imagerunner Advance c5550i is an excellent choice for any law firm looking to streamline their document management processes.

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5550i is a much-coveted machine in government organizations due to its advanced features and capabilities. This multifunction printer offers top-of-the-line printing, scanning, and copying abilities with fast speeds and efficient workflows.

As data privacy is of paramount importance in government agencies, the printer has robust security features that protect sensitive information. Its user-friendly interface and customizable options make it a popular choice among employees who need an efficient device for their day-to-day operations.

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5550i is designed to meet the exacting needs of government organizations. It has several advanced features such as mobile connectivity, cloud integration, and document management software that help streamline workflows and increase productivity. Its high-quality printing capability ensures that documents are sharp, clear, and professional-looking.

Moreover, the printer’s security features are top-notch. It provides secure access to documents with user authentication and password-protected printing. It also has built-in security protocols like IPsec and SSL/TLS encryption that protect against unauthorized access or interception of data.

Overall, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5550i is an excellent choice for government agencies looking for a reliable and efficient multifunction printer that meets their unique needs while ensuring data privacy and security.

Learn More About the Canon imageRUNNER Advance DX C5850i Series Copier scanner





The Canon Imagerunner Advance DX C5850i Series copier has garnered a lot of attention from various industries, including education, healthcare, legal, and finance. These sectors demand printing and copying solutions that are dependable, fast, and secure. The Imagerunner Advance DX C5850i series provides advanced features such as cloud connectivity, mobile printing, and enhanced security measures, including advanced scan functionality, that make it an ideal choice for these industries. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate for employees at any level. With the increasing need for remote work options due to the pandemic, the Imagerunner Advance DX C5850i series is an excellent choice as it offers flexible options like mobile printing and cloud connectivity that enable employees to work from anywhere while maintaining high-quality prints and copies. Its robust security measures also ensure that sensitive data stays protected. Additionally, the Canon Imagerunner Advance DX C5850i series boasts impressive color print speeds of up to 60 ppm, making it a top-tier copier that caters to multiple industries’ diverse needs and a reliable investment for businesses looking to streamline their printing and copying processes with the added benefit of a new discount. For more information on the frequency of the service and to enroll, visit the product detail page on the Canon Direct website. Without limiting the preceding sentence, unless otherwise required by applicable law, in no event will our, or our licensors’, aggregate liability under these terms with respect to any claim exceed one hundred dollars ($100). The shipment schedule for the service can be found on the product detail page.

The DX C5850I is a highly secure printing device that offers businesses top-notch security features. It includes secure printing, which mandates users to input a password or PIN before their documents are printed. The device also provides data encryption capabilities, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected during transmission over the network.

Furthermore, the DX C5850I has an audit trail function that keeps track of all printing and scanning activities. This feature makes it easy to monitor and manage document workflows. These security features combined make the DX C5850I an ideal choice for businesses looking to safeguard their confidential data.

Moreover, the device also has other security features such as user authentication, where only authorized individuals can access confidential information. It also has hard disk overwrite functionality that erases all data on the hard drive after use. This ensures that no one can gain access to any sensitive information once it has been printed or scanned.

In today’s world, where businesses have to deal with a lot of sensitive information, having reliable security features in place is essential. The DX C5850I provides businesses with peace of mind knowing that their confidential data is safe and secure.

Title: Navigating the Canon imageRUNNER Copier Experience: A Comprehensive Guide to Privacy, Returns, and More


In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and reliability are paramount, making Canon imageRUNNER copiers a popular choice for countless offices across the United States. As you embark on your journey with these cutting-edge copiers, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with key aspects such as privacy policies, return procedures, and other essential terms outlined by Canon. In this blog post, we will delve into various aspects of the Canon imageRUNNER experience, shedding light on important considerations for users.

Privacy Statement and Your Data

Canon understands the importance of privacy in an era where data protection is paramount. Before diving into the world of imageRUNNER copiers, take a moment to review Canon’s privacy statement. This document outlines how your personal information is collected, used, and safeguarded throughout your interaction with their services. Your peace of mind is a top priority for Canon, and the privacy statement serves as a testament to their commitment to protecting your sensitive data.

Return Policy: Understanding the Terms

Canon recognizes that circumstances may arise where a return becomes necessary. Familiarizing yourself with the return policy is crucial to ensure a smooth process in case the need arises. The return policy is designed to provide users with clear guidelines on returning products, including conditions for returning unopened merchandise and warranty return procedures. It’s important to note that Canon reserves the right to exercise sole discretion in evaluating returns, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the stipulated terms.

Use of the Service and Future Orders

As part of your enrollment with Canon’s services, it’s essential to grasp the terms governing the use of the service. This includes understanding the implied warranties of merchantability, handling fees, and the enforceability of any remaining changes to the service. By comprehending these terms, you ensure a seamless experience while maximizing the value derived from your Canon imageRUNNER copier and scanner.

Ordering and Payment Procedures

Whether you’re placing an original order or initiating a new one, understanding the intricacies of the ordering process is crucial. Canon’s website provides a designated section for ordering, allowing you to track original items, view the total cost, and select your preferred payment method. Stay informed about future shipments and the next scheduled shipping date to better manage your copier supplies, avoiding disruptions in your workflow.

Changes and Updates: Staying Informed

Canon recognizes that the landscape of technology is dynamic, and as such, they may introduce changes to the eligible product lineup. Stay informed about such changes by regularly checking the relevant section of the Canon Direct website. This ensures that you are aware of any modifications to the product lineup, helping you make informed decisions about future orders and maximizing the efficiency of your Canon imageRUNNER copier.


As you integrate the Canon imageRUNNER copier into your workspace, understanding the intricacies of privacy, returns, and service usage is paramount. By familiarizing yourself with Canon’s policies and terms, you empower yourself to make informed decisions, ensuring a seamless and productive experience with your Canon imageRUNNER copier. As you navigate the world of efficient printing solutions, rest assured that Canon prioritizes your satisfaction and aims to provide a user experience that exceeds expectations.

Canon copiers are known for their durability, multifunctionality, and such greater use. They are commonly used in offices for printing, scanning and copying documents. Canon copiers have a reputation for being reliable and easy to use. They are designed to handle high volumes of printing and such greater use, making them well-suited for busy office environments. With their advanced features such as automatic duplexing, stapling, and sorting capabilities, Canon copiers offer unmatched convenience and productivity.

Canon copier services are governed by respective rights and obligations between the user and Canon USA. The terms of use and privacy statement are incorporated into these rights and obligations, which govern the use of the service. It is essential to understand these rights and obligations to ensure a seamless experience while using Canon copier services.

Canon copier is a product of Canon Inc, a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in the manufacture of imaging and optical products. Canon has been in the business for decades and has become a trusted brand for high-quality cameras, printers, scanners, and other imaging equipment. As the parent company of Canon copiers, Canon Inc provides terms and conditions that customers need to accept before using their products.

When purchasing a Canon copier, it is important to pay attention to offer details such as price, taxes, availability, and shipping charges. These details may change over time as you receive deliveries. If an eligible product is unavailable when the order is placed, Canon will notify you and wait until the next scheduled shipping date when the product becomes available. It is important to review all offer details before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

If you are interested in purchasing a new Canon copier, you can place a new order online or through authorized dealers. The new order will be shipped to your desired location and you can enjoy the benefits of this new technology. Additionally, Canon offers a service that automatically creates new orders for eligible products according to the shipment schedule applicable to the frequency of the service selected by you. This ensures that you never run out of supplies and enjoy uninterrupted use of your Canon copier.

If you’re in the market for a new copier, now might be the time to take advantage of limited time promotions being offered by Canon. These promotions can include discounts on eligible products and other special offers that may only be available for a limited time. Be sure to check out the product detail page on the Canon Direct website to see what promotions are currently available and how they might benefit you. Don’t miss out on the chance to save money and get a great deal on a new copier from Canon.

When purchasing a Canon copier, it’s important to note that eligible product changes may affect the discounts you receive. In such cases, the new discount will be applied to future shipments of that eligible product. This ensures that customers continue to receive the best possible pricing for their Canon copiers and related products. It’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date with any changes in eligible product discounts to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money.

Canon copiers are reliable and efficient printer machines that can enhance your productivity. It is important to note that possession of your printer is crucial for enrollment of your printer in a maintenance contract or warranty program. In case of any loss of possession of your printer, it is advisable to contact the customer service of Canon in order to get assistance. With proper possession and care of your printer, you can enjoy its benefits for years to come.

Canon copiers are designed to provide high-quality printing with low ink usage. The copier will notify the user when ink or toner levels reach a low threshold, allowing them to order ink or toner cartridges easily. This feature ensures that users never run out of ink or toner unexpectedly and keep their work uninterrupted. With low ink usage, Canon copiers are an efficient and cost-effective choice for any office or business.

Canon copier is a high-quality product that offers efficient printing, scanning, and copying capabilities. If there are any changes in such eligible product changes such as discount or features, the customers will be informed about it and the new changes will be applied to their future shipments of that eligible product. Canon copiers are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes while providing reliable performance and exceptional print quality.

When purchasing a Canon copier, it is important to be aware of such eligible product changes. This means that if the discount for the eligible product changes, the new discount will be applied to your future shipments of that eligible product. It is important to keep track of any changes in discounts to ensure you are receiving the best deal possible when purchasing a Canon copier.

When purchasing a Canon copier, the cost of the eligible product is an important factor to consider. The total cost of the product will depend on the day the order is processed, less any discount offered as a percentage or dollars off at the time of registration, plus any applicable sales tax. It’s important to compare the cost of different models and consider the features and functionalities before making a purchase. Additionally, it’s worth checking if there are any ongoing promotions or discounts available that can help reduce the cost of the eligible product.

When purchasing a Canon copier, the cost of the eligible product will be the total cost charged to your payment method for the order. The cost of the eligible product will depend on the specific model and features you choose. It’s important to note that any discounts offered at the time of registration will be applied towards the cost of the eligible product. Additionally, applicable sales tax may also be added to the final cost of the product.

When purchasing a Canon copier, it is essential to consider your particular purpose. This will help you determine which model to choose based on its features and capabilities. Some models are better suited for small businesses, while others are designed for larger corporations. Additionally, some copiers are better equipped for printing high-quality graphics or photographs, while others excel at producing large volumes of text documents quickly and efficiently. It is important to do your research and select a Canon copier that meets your particular purpose and needs.

When purchasing a Canon copier, it is important to consider its particular purpose. Canon offers a range of copiers for various needs, including high volume printing, color printing, and multifunctional capabilities. By choosing the right copier for your particular purpose, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment. In addition, Canon offers warranties for their products to provide peace of mind and guarantee customer satisfaction.

When purchasing a Canon copier, it is important to be aware of the timeframe for returns and exchanges. The Canon Online Store has specific guidelines in place for defective or unopened merchandise, which must be returned in the original packaging with all original items, such as manuals and cables. It is recommended to review these guidelines before making a purchase to ensure that you are aware of the timeframe for potential returns or exchanges.

When purchasing a Canon copier, it is important to keep in mind the timeframe for returns or exchanges. The Canon Online Store typically allows for returns of defective or unopened merchandise within a specific timeframe, as long as the product is returned in its original packaging and with all original items included. It’s always best to check the specific return policy before making a purchase to ensure that you are aware of any timeframe limitations and can make an informed decision.

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Canon copiers are reliable and efficient for both home and office use. They come in different models that cater to a variety of printing needs. Canon also offers complete information on their website regarding the specifications, features, and prices of each model. They also offer customer support services to help with installation, troubleshooting, and repairs. Canon copiers are known for their durability and high-quality print output, making them a popular choice among users.

What are the features of a Canon copier and printer?

Canon copiers are known for their advanced features, such as high-quality printing, fast printing speeds, automatic document feeder, duplex printing, wireless connectivity options, and secure printing capabilities. These features make Canon copiers a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes.

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