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Canon Copier Lease

When it’s time to replace your old copier or when you need a new copier for your office, consider a Canon copier lease. You can get color copiers for as low as $79 per month, including cost per page and maintenance programs. Canon copiers come with multiple paper trays, built in stapler, duplex, scanning, auto document feeder, and more! Contact us today to demo a copier or to learn more about Canon copier leasing for your office.

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Canon copier leasing for your office to replace your old copier

Color copies, color prints

Can staple automatically with built in stapler attachment

Up to 11 x 17 inch page size

Comes with four color toner cartridges

Multiple paper trays so you can use different sizes

Auto document feeder (ADF) for two sided copies and scanning

Free delivery is included with the price of the copier

Lease starting from $79 per month including cost per page and service

Lease Color Canon Copies To Replace Your Old Copiers In Your Office;

Rusty: Hi. I’m Rusty with IOT. I’m here to introduce you to a Canon copier we have available. If you’re looking to replace your old one or purchase a new one, this is a great unit. It does 8.5x color copies, color prints. It can staple automatically for you, it’s got a stapler built into it. It’s an 11×17 format, so it’s able to print on a ledger. It’s got four toner cartridges, color ones. Couple paper trays, that you can set to any size. We have a letter and an 11×17 set up right now. It also has a side-paper feeder for envelopes or labels or any other media type stuff. A document feeder that’s two-sided, so it can do automatically two-sided copies.

Rusty: We offer free delivery, it’s included in the price of the copier. We also can take your old one. You can purchase this for as low as, possibly, $79 a month. And we have a compatible cost-per-page program that covers supplies and service.

Rusty: This machine comes with a color touchscreen display. Has great features. Copy, fax, scan, email.

Rusty: Contact us, or if you have any other questions, or if you’re interested.

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Unlocking Efficiency: The Benefits of Canon Copier Lease for Your Business”


In the dynamic landscape of modern business, efficiency and reliability are non-negotiable. Small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as those in the financial services sector, recognize the critical importance of investing in cutting-edge technology. Among the top contenders in the realm of business technology is the Canon Copier Lease, specifically the Canon imageRUNNER Advance series. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the key features and advantages of opting for a Canon Copier Lease, shedding light on how it can revolutionize your printing and imaging processes. See if your business qualifies for canon copiers for lease.

Canon ImageRUNNER Advance Series: A Technological Marvel

Unleashing Power with Canon ImageRUNNER

At the heart of Canon’s technological prowess lies the renowned imageRUNNER series. These multifunction printers (MFPs) have consistently delivered high-quality printing, scanning, and copying capabilities. The Canon ImageRUNNER Advance takes this legacy a step further, introducing advanced features that cater to the evolving demands of the modern business environment.

Elevating Your Printing Game with ImagePRESS Lite

For businesses that demand nothing short of excellence in print quality, the ImagePRESS Lite is a game-changer. Its exceptional color reproduction, impressive print speed, and user-friendly interface make it the go-to choice for businesses of all sizes. With full-color capabilities and advanced imaging technology, the ImagePRESS Lite stands as a testament to Canon’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Canon Copiers for Lease: A Wise Investment

Customized Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Understanding the distinctive needs of small and medium businesses, Canon offers Copier Lease options that present a cost-effective solution. This allows businesses to acquire state-of-the-art technology without the burden of a hefty upfront purchase price. This flexibility proves especially beneficial for businesses seeking to make prudent technology investments without stretching their budget constraints. Call us today to see about canon copiers for lease.

Unmatched Customer Service and Support

Opting for Canon as your copier solution means gaining access to unparalleled customer service. Whether your business operates in the bustling streets of New York, the vast expanses of Texas, or anywhere else in the USA, Canon’s authorized service providers, such as Sterling Business Systems, ensure local support for all your printing requirements. From initial installation to ongoing service contracts, Canon’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through.

The Advantage of Canon Lease in the Financial Services Sector

In the financial services sector, where handling sensitive information is the norm, security is paramount. The Canon ImageRUNNER Advance DX series, with its advanced security features, emerges as the perfect fit for the financial industry. Canon Copier Lease options empower businesses in the financial sector to regularly upgrade to the latest models, ensuring they stay ahead in technology without compromising on the crucial aspect of security.

Technical Excellence: Canon Specifications at a Glance

Speed and Precision with Canon Printers

Canon’s commitment to providing the best printing experience is evident in the impressive speed and precision of its devices. Whether you’re printing in black and white (BW) or full color, Canon printers, with their high pages per minute (PPM) rates and dots per inch (DPI) resolutions, deliver unmatched quality and efficiency. The rapid and precise printing capabilities significantly contribute to streamlining workflow and enhancing overall productivity. Canon copiers for lease.

Canon ImagePROGRAF: Revolutionizing Large Format Printing

For businesses with specific and varied printing needs, Canon ImagePROGRAF printers offer unparalleled versatility. Ranging from desktop printers to large format devices, Canon’s ongoing technology investments ensure that every print is a masterpiece. The ImagePROGRAF series stands as a testament to Canon’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of businesses in the ever-evolving world of printing technology.

Making the Switch: Canon Copier Lease vs. Competitors

Why Choose Canon Over Xerox and HP?

When evaluating multifunctional copiers, Canon emerges as the preferred choice due to its technological superiority, user-friendly design, and unparalleled reliability. In comparison to competitors like Xerox and HP, Canon devices offer a seamless workflow and superior imaging capabilities. The intuitive user interface and advanced features make Canon the optimal choice for businesses looking to enhance their efficiency and productivity.


In conclusion, opting for a Canon Copier Lease, especially featuring the ImageRUNNER Advance series, represents a strategic move for businesses seeking to optimize their printing and imaging processes. With a keen focus on customer service, advanced technology, and customizable solutions tailored to various business sectors, Canon continues to lead the charge in the printing industry. Make the intelligent choice for your business – choose Canon and unlock a new era of efficiency and reliability in your printing operation.Call us today to see about canon copiers for lease.

What is a Canon copier lease and how does it work?

A Canon copier lease is an agreement between a business and Canon where the business pays a monthly fee to lease a Canon copier for a specified period of time. This allows businesses to have access to high-quality copiers without the upfront cost of purchasing one outright.


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