Canon Copier Lease

Canon Copier Lease on Color Copiers For Your Business

When it’s time to replace your old copier or when you need a new copier for your office, consider a Canon copier lease. You can get color copiers for as low as $79 per month, including cost per page and maintenance programs. Canon copiers come with multiple paper trays, built in stapler, duplex, scanning, auto document feeder, and more! Contact us today to demo a copier or to learn more about Canon copier leasing for your office.

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  • Canon copier leasing for your office to replace your old copier

  • Color copies, color prints

  • Can staple automatically with built in stapler attachment

  • Up to 11 x 17 inch page size

  • Comes with four color toner cartridges

  • Multiple paper trays so you can use different sizes

  • Auto document feeder (ADF) for two sided copies and scanning

  • Free delivery is included with the price of the copier

  • Lease starting from $79 per month including cost per page and service

Lease Color Canon Copies To Replace Your Old Copiers In Your Office;

Rusty: Hi. I’m Rusty with IOT. I’m here to introduce you to a Canon copier we have available. If you’re looking to replace your old one or purchase a new one, this is a great unit. It does 8.5x color copies, color prints. It can staple automatically for you, it’s got a stapler built into it. It’s an 11×17 format, so it’s able to print on a ledger. It’s got four toner cartridges, color ones. Couple paper trays, that you can set to any size. We have a letter and an 11×17 set up right now. It also has a side-paper feeder for envelopes or labels or any other media type stuff. A document feeder that’s two-sided, so it can do automatically two-sided copies.

Rusty: We offer free delivery, it’s included in the price of the copier. We also can take your old one. You can purchase this for as low as, possibly, $79 a month. And we have a compatible cost-per-page program that covers supplies and service.

Rusty: This machine comes with a color touchscreen display. Has great features. Copy, fax, scan, email.

Rusty: Contact us, or if you have any other questions, or if you’re interested.

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