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Office Copiers From $69 Per Month!

From single user to large office groups, we’ve got great copiers starting at only $69 per month.

ALL INCLUSIVE pricing with toners, drums, maintenance, and all repairs!

Black & White Copiers

Large Office

canon small business copier


  1. Office / Workgroup
  2. 2-10 Users
  3. Small Footprint

Best copier lease for small business


  1. Desktop / Home Office
  2. 1-2 Users
  3. Fits On Desktop

Enterprise printing


  1. For Large Groups
  2. 10+ Users
  3. Walk-UP Size

Color Copiers

Large Office Color

  1. Office / Workgroup
  2. 2-10 Users
  3. Small Footprint

Small Office Color

  1. Desktop / Home Office
  2. 1-2 Users
  3. Fits On Desktop

Enterprise Color


  1. For Large Groups
  2. 10+ Users
  3. Walk-UP Size

Red Wing Commercial Copier and Printer Solutions For 25 Years

IOT has been providing Red Wing copiers, laser printers, repair, service, rentals, and leasing since 1995. Whether you are looking to buy a used copier, fix your laser printer, or if you are looking to lease a Ricoh copier for your office, we can help! Our expert technicians and experienced customer service team can solve your problems fast, with a commitment to value and integrity.

PHONE: 651-362-4164

LOCATION: IOT Office Solutions in Red Wing, MN

OFFICE HOURS: Mon – Fri: 8AM to 4:30PM and Closed Sat & Sun

Services available in the Red Wing area:

  1. Copier Leasing
  2. Copier Rental
  3. Copier Repair
  4. Managed Print Services (MPS)
  5. Copier Maintenance
  6. Copier Sales
  7. Used Copiers
  8. Laser Printer Leases
  9. Laser Printer Rental
  10. Laser Printer Repair
  11. Business Computer Repair
  12. Toner Cartridges

Red Wing MN

Office Copier

Red Wing Printer and Copier Experts Since 1995


IOT has you covered with the best copier machine servicing in Red Wing.

We provide our copier repair services across Red Wing and the entire Twin Cities metro area – with a commitment to speed, quality, and professionalism that you can expect from a company with over 25 years in business.

Red Wing Copy Servicing

Our goal is to provide you with an educated and accurate quote, and give you practical advice for any copier repair, service, or maintenance that you may need. With our expert technicians and reliable support team, you can be sure that your mac copier, including top brands like Toshiba, will be fixed right the first time.

We provide repairs, preventative maintenance agreements, and managed print service programs (MPS) for;

  1. Canon Copiers
  2. Canon imageRunner
  3. HP Copiers
  4. Xerox Copiers
  5. Office Copiers
  6. Business Copiers

Best Copier Repair in Red Wing

At IOT we’ve been providing copier and printer services since 1995, from Apple to Xerox – and everything in between! We’re an independent copier repair and copier sales company, allowing us to service most major copier brands such as HP, Xerox, Samsung, Canon, and more.

Whether you need emergency onsite copier repair, or upcoming maintenance and service– we are here to serve you! Count on us for trained and experienced field service technicians who can get the job done right, and fast, the first time.

Common Copier Repair Issues We Can Fix Fast;

  1. Paper Jam
  2. Fuser Error
  3. Firmware
  4. Smells
  5. Worn Rollers
  6. Shadowing
  7. Ghosting
  8. Networking
  9. Noises
  10. Lines on Page
  11. Wrinkled Paper
  12. Creased Pages
  13. Blank Pages
  14. Black Pages
  15. Maintenance Kits
  16. Fuser Kits
  17. Fans
  18. Filters
  19. Dirty Copies
  20. Leaking Toner

CALL US NOW: 651-362-4164

or click below to contact us for a copier repair quote.

Professional Copier Rental and Repair For The Greater Red Wing Area

IOT Area

Since 1995 we’ve been a part of the local community, proudly serving businesses from St Paul, to St Cloud, to Rochester, and everywhere in between. Our fast and friendly service technicians can come to your office and fix most major brands of digital copiers.

Digital Copier Servicing At Your Office

You can learn more about us and our technicians at our blog.

We’ll always provide you with an educated and accurate quote, and give you practical advice for any repair. Count on us for trained and experienced service technicians who can get the job done right, and fast, the first time. Drawing on our years of experience, we can quickly discern what is causing your problems, and work to resolve it promptly.

CALL NOW: 651-362-4164

or click below to contact us for a quote.

Great Business Class Copiers

We lease business class copiers, suitable for 2,000-25,000 pages/copies per month. You’ll get great features like collating, networking, 2-sided print/copy, faxing, and an auto document feeder (ADF).

NO Hidden Fees – Cancel At Any Time

Copier leases start at just $97 per month with no hidden fees. A copier leasing agreement includes free delivery within the Twin Cities metro area. You will also enjoy ongoing copier maintenance, service, repair, parts, and toner cartridges too, all covered by maintenance fees. No confusing contract, and immediate access to the copier you want with no hidden fees – just a simple monthly cost, which you can cancel at any time. Before signing any copier leasing agreement, carefully review the terms and conditions. Make sure you understand:

HP MFP Lease

No Confusing Copier Leasing Contracts!

We despise long, confusing contracts too. It’s not just you! Typical copier sales companies will make lease agreements long and complicated on purpose, to lock you into long term and auto-renewing contracts. We don’t do that. You’ll find us straightforward, and easy to work with.

Minnesota Local Since 1995

We’ve been at this since 1995. Put our expertise to work for you! We carry most major brands, so you can be sure we’ll have the right one for your needs, and we’ve got the answers, products, and services to help you out. From selection and leasing, to delivery, setup, and technical support – we’re here for you!

Bob Brennan

About IOT

In 1992 Bob Brennan, CEO of International Office Technologies, began his career in the printer industry. Working as an independent sales representative for a startup company, he provided recycled and re-inked printer ribbons to businesses across the Twin Cities. Through the rest of the 80’s and into the early 90’s the business and industry would evolve with the introduction of laser based toner printers

In 1995 Bob decided to strike out on his own and create International Office Technologies Inc. Companies were emerging to offer supplies for printers, but he felt that something was missing. His vision was to make IOT a provider of a complete printing solutions not just another supplies vendor.

With a business model mapped out, he set up shop in the basement of his parents home, in West Saint Paul, MN. In between home cooked lunches and visits from the family dog he began to develop a total solution that could provide customers with both printer supplies and service & repair, making it the best solution for their printing needs.

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St Paul Office Solutions Reviews

Vickie S

★★★★★ Rusty has always provided us with the best service for all of our service and toner needs on our copier and office printers.

Jay P.

★★★★★ IOT has helped me and my business with my copying and printer needs for the past 5 years!

Doug B.

★★★★★ I have gotten to know most of the staff there over the years and have been extremely happy with their service and products.

Krystle G.

★★★★★ The service was timely and they had great customer service. I would recommend and do business with them again.

Judi R.

★★★★★ A great place with quality customer service and quick support. Thanks IOT!

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Our friendly and professional team of experts can help your office in many ways, including;

  1. HP Laser Printer Repair
  2. Toner Cartridges
  3. Office Equipment Repair
  4. Managed Print Services (MPS)
  5. IT E-Waste Recycling
  6. Copiers for Sale
  7. Laser Printer Leasing
  8. Laser Printer Rental
  9. Refurbished Laser Printers
  10. Inventory Management (Toner)
  11. Document Scanning Services
  12. Copier Rental
  13. Copier Leasing
  14. Refurbished Copiers
  15. Equipment Delivery & Networking
  16. IT Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a copier?

We see most of the monthly payments we do ranging between $97 to $197 per month. It really varies customer by customer and what the specific needs are, but typically a business can expect to be in the $100 to $200 per month range.

Should I buy a copier or lease a copier?

We usually recommend to our customers that look at an outright purchase for any copier priced $2,500 or less. If the copiers for sale are above $2,500, then it can make more sense to explore copier lease options instead.

Can I lease a used copier?

Absolutely! In fact, that is our recommendation. Copiers will last for hundreds of thousands, and even million, of pages.

However, many new copiers are leased by large corporations and then swapped out every few years. We acquire those off-lease copiers that are in good condition and with low page counts. In our opinion, leasing these used copiers from reputable leasing companies with flexible terms is the best copier lease value for any small business as you get great current features, including advanced features, at a fraction of the price compared to new, ensuring access to the latest technology.

Contact Us Today For Your Office Needs

We strive to make every customer happy, and take pride that so many of our satisfied customers are willing to share their testimonials and reviews of our copier service online. We’ve served the Twin Cities since 1995, and we’d love the chance to impress you with our team, our products, and our services.

Contact us for any copier or printer repair, support, maintenance, or troubleshooting needs you may have. One of our knowledgeable team members will happily assist you to answer your questions or get your service call scheduled.

Make us your first choice for repair – you’ll be happy you did!

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Navigating Copier Lease Options for Small Businesses: Boosting Productivity and Cash Flow


In today’s fast-paced business environment, having the right office equipment is crucial for smaller businesses aiming to enhance productivity and manage cash flow effectively. One such essential tool is a copy machine, and understanding the intricacies of copier lease terms can significantly impact your office’s operational efficiency. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key considerations when leasing a copy machine for smaller businesses, covering aspects like response time, printing capability, lease periods, and more.

Choosing the Best Copier Lease for Smaller Businesses:

  1. Lease Terms and Cash Flow:
  2. Opting for the right lease terms is essential for managing cash flow effectively. Consider shorter lease periods if you prefer flexibility or longer terms for cost savings.
  3. Explore flat-rate copiers to maintain a steady and predictable monthly budget, avoiding unexpected fluctuations.
  4. Response Time and Office Productivity:
  5. Response time is critical for uninterrupted workflow. Look for copier lease providers offering a proactive approach to maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime.
  6. Evaluate copier service options, focusing on providers with a quick response time to address issues promptly.
  7. Printing Capability and Functionality:
  8. Assess your business’s printing needs and choose a copier with the right printing capability. Some copiers offer multifunctionality (MFP) with features like fax, monochrome printing, scanning, and more.
  9. When it comes to finding the best copier lease for small business, there are a few key factors to consider. Upgrades should be considered to future-proof your investment and adapt to evolving business requirements. It’s important to compare average costs from different providers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your budget, especially when searching for copier lease for small business. Utilize an instant online quote tool to get a quick overview of potential expenses, helping you make informed decisions about copier lease for small business.
  10. Exploring copier lease providers offering a wide range of affordable options is also crucial to finding the best copier lease for small business. Consider an instant quote tool to customize lease options based on your unique requirements and budget. As you evaluate the pros and cons of owning your copier versus leasing, keep in mind the specific needs of small businesses searching for copier lease for small business.
  11. Furthermore, consider the type of copier that suits your business – whether it’s a traditional photocopier, an MFP, or a specialized device for copier lease for small business. Make sure to evaluate the type of device that aligns with your printing needs, such as ink cartridges for color printing or monochrome for cost savings. By following these guidelines, you will be on your way to finding the best copier lease for small business that meets all of your needs.


Navigating copier lease options for smaller businesses involves careful consideration of various factors. By understanding lease terms, response time, printing capability, and other key elements, you can make an informed decision that enhances your office productivity, manages cash flow efficiently, and provides the best value for your investment. Take a proactive approach to find a copier lease that meets your unique needs, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective printing solution for your enterprise.