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Business Class Internet Service and Phone Service in Minnesota

Internet Service

Our independent position as a business internet and telephone service integrator allows us to capitalize on the unique advantages each carrier has to offer. We work with local and national voice and data providers to bring you a wide selection of telecom carriers, services and coverage areas.

The right internet service for you

From T1 to DSL to wireless 4G - IOT can identify the most reliable carriers, negotiate affordable packages and develop the best overall business internet service to fit your company's needs. Take advantage and reduce your total business communications cost by 10-20-30% or even more!

Telephone Systems

Technology moves fast, especially in the world of business phone systems and telephone equipment, and it's hard to keep up with the changes. You can count on IOT to provide you with the latest telephone technology options, real world business phone system design consultation and continued support for your phone system.

Save money on phone, VoIP or PBX systems

Save money on your office phone system - let us help! We have the telephone equipment, phone systems, name brands and buying options to make your budget goals a reality! Call center phone systems, small business phone systems, VoIP phone systems and refurbished phones too!

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP is a great way to bring economy and efficiency to your business phone system. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a method of using your internet or data connection to transmit voice communications. Simply put, it allows you to use your internet connection to place phone calls.

VoIP saves money and increases flexibility

VoIP is just plain cheaper then other telecommunication applications, especially since many VoIP service providers have plans that allow unlimited local and long distance calling! With VoIP you can also choose your area code. So, say you have a branch office in Rochester - you can call from your Minneapolis office to Rochester using a local Minneapolis area code that is assigned to your Rochester office. No long distance!