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Because we fix 'em, we know what makes them tick. Our Certification gives you something you can depend on.

Doesn't "refurbished" mean it is old technology?

A common mistake is assuming that just because a computer, copier, printer or laptop is refurbished it must be old, or out-of-date technology. That is absolutely false! Technology specs on refurbished equipment rival, and often equal, that of brand new. Many refurbished items are simply demo or trial unit returns that are inspected, refurbished and then resold. The same computer, laptop, copier or printer models currently available in the market, but at a greatly reduced price!

Our refurbished computer, copier, laptop and printer products are refurbished by our service technicians - so you can trust that each laptp, printer, copier or computer is refurbished properly and by trained eyes. Our rigorous process ensures all refurbished equipment is up to the same standard as when it was brand new! Feel free to visit our demo room and test drive any refurbished printer, refurbished copier, refurbished laptop or refurbished computer and see the value for yourself!

Certified refurbished printers, copiers, computers and laptops for your technology needs

Refurbished Printer

Since 1995 we have served Minnesota with printer repair service. We know our way around a printer. So, we know what it takes to properly refurbish a printer! Our Certified Refurbished printers are good as new, at a fraction of the price! refurbished laser printer minnesota

Starting at just $69

Refurbished Copier

Just like our printers, our Certified Refurbished copiers are durable and cost effective.  No need to drop tens of thousands of dollars on leasing a new copier, especially when you can BUY a refurbished unit for a fraction of the cost! refurbished copier minnesota

Starting at just $99

Refurbished PC

Our wide selection of refurbished computers gives you choices, so you can select the right PC equipment for your needs. We carry tower PC's, desktops, small form factor units and anything in between.  Upgrades too! refurbished computer minnesota

Starting at just $99

Refurbished Laptop

Need a laptop for school? Maybe a laptop to just surf the internet, check email and manage pictures? Our selection and pricing of refurbished laptops will make your checkbook smile. Quality, durable laptops for any budget. refurbished laptop minnesota

Starting at just $179

Why choose an IOT Certified Refurbished printer, copier, computer or laptop? Let us count the ways...
Save 35% or More!

Usually, the primary reason someone looks at a refurbished computer, laptop, copier or printer is simply the cost savings. There are many other benefits to buying refurbished - but this is the single greatest advantage!  Refurbished computer, printer and laptop equipment can save you 20, 30 and even up to 70% (or more) compared to new.  Savings like that can really stretch your dollar, affording the opportunity to buy more, pocket the savings - or try your luck at the casino!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We all do our part to protect Mother Earth. When you choose a refurbished laptop, computer, printer or copier you are helping to keep waste out our landfill by giving technology a second life. This directly reduces waste, but also eliminates the need for a new computer and technology products to be manufactured.  When  you add up the impact of manufacturing, shipping it half way around the world, and the packaging it comes in - it all ads up, one device at a time!
Cheap Maintenance

One hidden benefit of buying and using a refurbished printer, computer, laptop or copier is the typically lower maintenance cost, when compared to new. Because refurbished equipment has been in the market place for a number of years, you will typically find a large number of companies that can provide repair service and a large selection of new, used and refurbished repair parts too. This helps to keep your maintenance and repair costs down!
Proven Technology

Sometimes, with new computers, you don't want to be the guinea pig. When you select refurbished, you are selecting technology that has not only proven itself as effective, but also proven itself as durable. Only proven, trusted equipment makes and models are selected for refurbishment. You won't find every brand and model ever made, only those trusted to perform. You can have confidence that your refurbished product will save you money - and be around for a number of years to come.