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Bob Brennan - CEO

Bob is the founder of the company, so of course he has been with IOT since 1995! Starting the company in the basement of his parent's house, Bob is driven to ensure that IOT is always moving forward, offering high value products and services in the ever evolving world of technology. He is passionate about innovation, and cultivates an environment of creative thinking, ideas and continual improvement.

Jesse Dolan - COO

The first employee, Jesse has been with IOT since June of 1996 when he started making toner cartridges in the basement of Bob's parents home. As the company grew, Jesse spent time in nearly every role within the company. Today, Jesse is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of the company, and continues to work closely with Bob to ensure a solid evolutionarily path for the company.

Rene Dolan - Administrative Coordinator

Rene joined the IOT team in May of 1998. Business was booming at the time, and creative minds rarely take joy in balancing of the was needed to keep the books and office in order. Rene came aboard and quickly made her mark. She continues in that role today, working closely with office and accounting team members to keep things in line and in order.

Jamey Dolan - Imaging Supplies Coordinator

Jamey joined IOT in March of 2000, working in our production department to produce toner cartridges. A few years later he was promoted to Production Manager, being responsible for the overall manufacturing process, as well as becoming our internal champion for continual improvement techniques. His role has evolved, and today he is the go-to-guy for all things ink and toner, including; production, procurement, recycling, and research and development.

Allen Xiong - Service Manager

Coming on board in April of 2001, Allen has worked his way through the ranks of our service department. Starting as a rookie technician, Allen then achieved Master Technician status, and was then promoted to Assistant Service Manager. Landing the promotion to Service Manager a few years later, Allen has improved the scope and operations of the department since. With top notch technical and customer service skills, Allen is a role model for everyone!

Cjaye Dietrich - Support Team Leader

Cjaye joined the IOT team in October of 2008, and is our lead customer support specialist! She is on the front line for our customer service team, and also uses her artistic talents in graphic design within our Intrycks division.

Courtney Carlson - Printer & Copier Sales

Our resident printer and copier expert, Courtney has been with IOT since June of 1998.  Working in nearly every area, he got his start in our production department, manufacturing toner cartridges.  From there he moved to our service department, fixing printers and copiers - where he ultimately became Service Manager for a number of years.  Today, Courtney uses his expertise to help customers select the equipment for their needs.

Tuan Vu - Vice President of Sales

Becoming part of the IOT team in May of 2011, Tuan brought his sales and service experience to help grow the computer sales/service division! With computer knowledge and a strong service background, Tuan is able to help customers solve their problems quickly and find the best solutions for their needs. A man of the community, Tuan also spends a lot of time in the Eagan surrounding area to establish new relationships with local businesses. You will most likely deal with Tuan if you have a computer need.

Owen Jones - Computer Systems Specialist

Owen Joined the IOT team in September of 2011 and is an expert in computer systems,  computer security and virus/malware removal, and software applications.  A 10 year veteran of the industry, Owen brings his experience of sitting on the board of two separate computer reuse/recycling initiatives and extensive talent in hardware troubleshooting and repair.

Jesse Del Rio - Production Manager

Jesse Del Rio joined our team in February of 2003. Working through the ranks within our production department, Jesse is currently the Production Manager.  He directly manages the manufacturing of our PeakToner and Metrotoner brand toner cartridges, drum units, and related imaging supplies, and is a strong voice in our quest for continual improvement.

Connie McClure - Administrative Assistant

Joining the team back in January of 2001, Connie is a central figure within IOT, primarily focused on accounting and office related administration. Connie also provides departmental functions for customer service and fulfillment, where her upbeat personality can brighten even the cloudiest of days!

Emily Middleton - Customer Support

Emily became part of our team in April of 2012. Whether you call us on the phone or stop in to visit us in person, Emily is likely the first person you will talk to. Working within our Customer Support Team, Emily strives to ensure your problems are resolved and your service needs are met!

Rusty Petric - Master Service Technician

Rusty has been with IOT since October of 2004. An expert in printer, copier, and plotter repair, Rusty is a Master Service Technician. From Brother to Xerox, Rusty can probably fix it blindfolded and with one hand behind his back. A great resource for service team and customers alike, you can find Rusty out in the field applying his skills to fix your equipment!

Zar Vang - Service Technician

Zar became part of the IOT team in April of 2010. With a history of service and repair on printers and copiers, as well as computers, Zar works in our service department as a Service Technician. Out and about in the cities, you can find Zar onsite at your office fixing your problems!

Mitchelle Lee - Service Technician

Mitchelle joined the IOT team in March of 2010. Originally brought in to specialize in component level repair, Mitchelle quickly elevated himself to the position of Service Technician. Today you can see him in your office, providing onsite repair service for your printers and copiers!

Sean Kimball - Delivery Specialist

Sean became part of the IOT team back in March of 2008. A specialist in delivery and fulfillment services, Sean can be seen driving the "big van" throughout the cities to deliver products to our customers. Sean has a knack for squeezing efficiency out of a delivery route, so don't be surprised if you get your delivery sooner than you expect!

Joseph Rowe - Service Technician

Joseph, we call him Joe, has been with IOT since February of 2011. With a history in electronics and repair, Joe works in our service department on component level repairs, sub-assemblies, and refurbishing. Joe has an eye for innovation and his skill set allows us to pioneer new solutions, to better serve our customers!

Rufus Battaforyen - Production Technician

Rufus has been part of the IOT team since October of 2007. He works as a skilled technician in our production department, producing PeakToner and Metrotoner brand toner cartridges, drum units, and related imaging supply items.

Michael Xayxana  - Production Technician

Mike joined the IOT team in March of 2011. Working in both our production and fulfillment departments, Mike works with the rest of the team to ensure we provide high quality toner cartridges to our customers.

Sara Rodesch - Web Designer

Sara has been an IOT team member since June of 2011. She is part of our Intrycks division, which is focused on website design, graphic design, mobile app development and related technologies. Sara's specialty is website design and management, in addition to interactive design on platforms such as Adobe Flash.

Carl Moe - Service Technician

Carl joined the IOT team in April of 2012. Working in our Service Department, Carl applies his talent in repair and troubleshooting to the service and repair of your laser printers. You can look for Carl to show up in person the next time you call for printer repair!

Jarod Strain  - Service Technician

Jarod became part of the IOT team in October of 2011 and works within our Service Department.  Originally from Kentucky, Jarod is a service and repair transplant with a keen eye for troubleshooting.  He has an awesome accent, too.

Keng Vang - Service Technician

Keng has been an IOT team member since April of 2012. Working in our Service Department, Keng is a specialist in our testing and sub-assembly area. Ensuring that every part is functional, and keeping waste to a minimum, Keng is an important member of our service team and a great team member!